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Sensory Thoughts- Sound

I find that certain sounds awaken memories and , or, tug at the emotions. I have been thinking about the sounds that have meaning for  me, and I wonder how they would compare to your internal sound archive!

Spring  is heralded by the sound of frogs returning to our pond and swopping  news! What sounds to me like ribbit ribbit, is probably ” Hey up lad, did tha spend a good winter? Seen the missus yet?” Clearly Yorkshire frogs!

This then is followed by the first Cuckoo, should be any day soon.

Birdsong is getting louder each day, the blackbirds in particular seem to be the nosiest in claiming their territory.

Summer has to be the sound of lawnmowers cutting the grass. If I hear one in the evening I am transported back to my childhood laying in bed trying to sleep when it is still light.

Tennis balls on a grass court- Wimbledon or to me the sound of summer lessons at school trying not to go to sleep after lunch on a hot day in a classroom of bored girls.

Autumn sounds are bonfires and  fire works whilst Winter is Christmas carols.

Then there are the sounds that spell comfort, probably not  obvious ones…

Domestic machinery- the washing machine and hoover, heard from upstairs, is the sound of home when you are in bed feeling poorly and Mum is downstairs and all is well with the world.

Church bells, the sound of Sunday.

A sound from my childhood, a cowbell, with which we were summoned home from the fields and woods for mealtimes by Mum. I retrieved this from Dads’ house last year and my friend Jane can’t resist ringing it every time she visits, as much part of her childhood as mine.

Dr Who- the theme tune- still sends tingles down my spine, for the Saturday night scary encounter from behind the sofa or the safe confines inside a jumper.

Holidays have their own sounds too. Greek islands are  evening sounds, crickets, dogs barking in the hills, motos leaving town at night heading for the mountain villages, and the early morning cock crows.

My brother and I have fond memories of boating holidays on the Thames. The sound I loved best was the pattering of bird feet on the roof as I woke up.

We took our boys camping and caravaning. Our favourite sound was in the caravan, when we were snug inside and the rain patters on the window.

Ferry boats, taking us to France, the sound of the hooter.

Mr E and I have loved our holidays to California, and the sound that takes me straight back there- the trains! They sound so different to our trains and are so LONG.

And three completely miscellaneous sounds. Led Zep, A Whole lot of Love- I am 18 and in a dorm at school ,the music we listened to send us to sleep. Sometimes it worked!

Brass Bands- a cliche, but they always without fail make me weepy!

And most inexplicable of all. Saxaphones, heard through windows, just move me !

So, please leave a comment and let me know the sounds of your life.






Comments on: "Sensory Thoughts- Sound" (7)

  1. Whole Lot of Love sent you to sleep? You must have had it on quiet 🙂
    My birdsong sound is skylarks because they lift my heart. My childhood sound is the rhythmic sound of the pulsator on the milking machine that we heard twice a day across the yard.
    I love this post; it’s very thought provoking.

  2. What it is to be young! Love that one of your childhood sounds was a milking machine!

  3. Pop music certainly takes me back to the time when the particular song was popular.

  4. I couldn’t sleep from about 4am this morning so put the radio on quietly and heard a song that made me think of Christmas, I think it was played a lot while I wrapped presents! It’s not a Christmassy song at all.

    The clatter of loaf tins as bread is put in and out of the oven.
    Birdsong in Spring when they’re really, really going for it.
    Planes flying overhead remind me of the U.S. Air Force on manoeuvres, I can’t remember what it was called but we used to wave as they flew over . May be that was just me?
    Children’s TV programme theme tunes and the narrators / actors.
    Shaking a duster out of the window and making it ‘snap’.
    The same Led Zeppelin song as the Top of the Pops theme!

  5. Hi Cathy! I loved reading all about the sounds that move you. I love the birds singing outside, but music seems to move me every time. Certain songs can bring me to tears instantly. I love the old church hymns like In the Garden, The Old Rugged Cross, and Rock of Ages (sung by Amy Grant and Vince Gill). Thanks for sharing your sounds. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Tamara

  6. I have the saxophone thing too. The absence of birdsong makes me die a little inside, so I guess bird song above all else is what keeps me sane.

  7. Very nice post, I know smells and sounds remind me of times past….I think the sound that takes me right back to my kids day is the classic instrumental music my mom will always put on the radio to help us sleep at noon…priceless 🙂

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