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15 for 2015-March

How the months are passing. Hard to believe we are a quarter of the year gone already. Winter has passed to Spring, and March winds are oh so true today. The dustbins have blown over and a bird feeder broke overnight.

So how have I got on with my 15 for 2015. Slowly!

15 minutes walk x 4 times a  week. Yes, accomplished again this month. I should have set the bar higher I think.

14 bags to a charity shop. I took four today, whoopee. That makes 5 in total.

13 animal photos. OH MY! Now I know why one should never work with children or animals. Animals look very photogenic one moment and the next , well blow me down they move!! But there have been a few good occasions for animal photos.

Snow March 2015 024

The hunt exercising the hounds in the snow.

Snow March 2015 014

I took about 20 shots of chickens this month and this is the best one!!!

ellerburn Feb 15 027

I love this dog keeping guard, and he does have a big woof! I think I may have alarmed him?

ellerburn Feb 15 032

One farm cat! There were three but all I got of the other two was tails or empty spaces. I think this one sat still to get rid of me!

Snow March 2015 008

Horse eating hay. It would not turn round and even when I went the other side of it , it turned its back on me. OK I can take the hint.

Snow March 2015 015

Never try taking white geese in snow, this is what you get. Look closely.

ellerburn Feb 15 035

Now he is my best shot this month. I am only counting four of these pictures towards my total. That makes 6, but could do better.

12 meetings with friends. I met my lovely blogging friend Rachel

11 Savoury recipes. Now this has been a revelation to me this month. I have made two new Jamie Oliver  recipes. A pasta and pepper dish and a chicken korma. Both scrummy and added to my repertoire. And Mushrooms  in a Stilton and garlic  cream.  I made two portions in  ramekin dishes and served with homemade bread. We had it for lunch but it would make a super starter. Now this is so delicious that here is a link to the recipes from the  BBC.

In looking for new recipes I have had out all my cookery books and found recipes I tried once, liked but not tried again. So I have cooked lots of dinners from my once only recipes. And in spending more time choosing, researching, shopping for ingredients and cooking the dinners, I have really started to enjoy cooking our evening meal. When I worked it was a real chore night after night, what shall we have, what have we got etc etc. I have now actually found myself looking forward to 5pm when I start to make dinner.

Anyway total of new recipes tried this year 5. And mushrooms consumed in Stilton sauce- three lunches!

10 handwritten letters. Still just one. When I have some cheerful news it will be easier to put pen to paper.

9 Handmade cards. Two birthday cards and a mothers day card. 7 altogether. I think this will be the first of my 15 ticked off.

8 Sewing or embroidery projects.

9.3.15 004

I finally completed this cross stitch picture, called “As far as we go”. A DMC kit, began more than a little while ago. ( Maybe 6 years!!)

25.3.15 004

And a little ribbon embroidery kit. Purchased from Crafty Ribbons more years ago than I care to own up too. (2003!!!)

That makes three.

7 new yarns. No just the one still.

6 Trips to museums, art galleries, theatres, etc.  I went to the local craft show which was surprisingly good and even bought a birthday present for Ms G, but this was not what I had in mind when I began this list, so doesn’t count.

5 Projects for charity. Well I volunteered for another charity project via the blog world, but no-one came back to me. Second time I offered my skills to no avail. Struggling with this one.

4 new walks- still just the one

3 craft workshops- no

2 New cities- just Salisbury last month

1 railway journey- no

0 impulse purchases- so far so good!

Love to hear if you have made progress on any goals you set yourself this year.

Easter is just round the corner, hoping for better things and some good news next month.

Thanks for reading.



Salisbury Cathedral

Theo birthday Feb 2015 059

The most magnificent of the churches we visited in February was Salisbury cathedral. No wonder John Constable painted it 25 times!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 042

This is the North Nave.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 043

I love the ceiling.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 054

And this is the font designed by William Pye and installed in 2008 for the 750th anniversary. It’s at times like this I wish I could take better pictures, but I will keep trying.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 044

This is the window in the North Transept.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 045

Now the cathedral was preparing for a big Magna Carta exhibition later in the year and I was disappointed not to have been there at the right time. However there was this replica on show, and according to the guide I spoke too she can’t tell the replica from the original!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 046

And these are the clasps which held it.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 049

the windows are magnificent throughout, I just love the blues in this one.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 052

This is the tomb of William Longespee 1226, the first person to be buried in the cathedral. He was half brother to King John and advised him during the drawing up of the Magna Carta.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 058

Outside there are still cloisters, a lovely place to stroll and think.

More information on the cathedral here and on John Constable here

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Sensory Thoughts- Sound

I find that certain sounds awaken memories and , or, tug at the emotions. I have been thinking about the sounds that have meaning for  me, and I wonder how they would compare to your internal sound archive!

Spring  is heralded by the sound of frogs returning to our pond and swopping  news! What sounds to me like ribbit ribbit, is probably ” Hey up lad, did tha spend a good winter? Seen the missus yet?” Clearly Yorkshire frogs!

This then is followed by the first Cuckoo, should be any day soon.

Birdsong is getting louder each day, the blackbirds in particular seem to be the nosiest in claiming their territory.

Summer has to be the sound of lawnmowers cutting the grass. If I hear one in the evening I am transported back to my childhood laying in bed trying to sleep when it is still light.

Tennis balls on a grass court- Wimbledon or to me the sound of summer lessons at school trying not to go to sleep after lunch on a hot day in a classroom of bored girls.

Autumn sounds are bonfires and  fire works whilst Winter is Christmas carols.

Then there are the sounds that spell comfort, probably not  obvious ones…

Domestic machinery- the washing machine and hoover, heard from upstairs, is the sound of home when you are in bed feeling poorly and Mum is downstairs and all is well with the world.

Church bells, the sound of Sunday.

A sound from my childhood, a cowbell, with which we were summoned home from the fields and woods for mealtimes by Mum. I retrieved this from Dads’ house last year and my friend Jane can’t resist ringing it every time she visits, as much part of her childhood as mine.

Dr Who- the theme tune- still sends tingles down my spine, for the Saturday night scary encounter from behind the sofa or the safe confines inside a jumper.

Holidays have their own sounds too. Greek islands are  evening sounds, crickets, dogs barking in the hills, motos leaving town at night heading for the mountain villages, and the early morning cock crows.

My brother and I have fond memories of boating holidays on the Thames. The sound I loved best was the pattering of bird feet on the roof as I woke up.

We took our boys camping and caravaning. Our favourite sound was in the caravan, when we were snug inside and the rain patters on the window.

Ferry boats, taking us to France, the sound of the hooter.

Mr E and I have loved our holidays to California, and the sound that takes me straight back there- the trains! They sound so different to our trains and are so LONG.

And three completely miscellaneous sounds. Led Zep, A Whole lot of Love- I am 18 and in a dorm at school ,the music we listened to send us to sleep. Sometimes it worked!

Brass Bands- a cliche, but they always without fail make me weepy!

And most inexplicable of all. Saxaphones, heard through windows, just move me !

So, please leave a comment and let me know the sounds of your life.





Yarn Along!

25.3.15 005

I love the cover on this book! It’s an easy read thriller and just what I need at the moment. Nothing serious.

Finishing Master H’s birthday jumper. I had decided that I hadn’t got enough wool so had to order extra wool last week. When I started on the new ball last night I was jolly glad I had bought one more. Hats off to my suppliers Knitwell who matched the Lot number for me and dispatched it post free. That’s customer service. So it’s just stitching it up and knitting the neckband and blocking, in time for seeing him over Easter. This is one excited Nana.

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St John and St Mary Devizes

Lightening stop on our tour of Wiltshire.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 017

The best I could manage of the tower

Theo birthday Feb 2015 020

and the graveyard

Theo birthday Feb 2015 019

Loved the carvings on this cross.

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Ellerburn to Dalby Forest.

Hurrah, with a bit of detective work and help from the East Yorkshire History Society who recorded all the inscriptions in St Hilda’s Ellerburn church and made a map so even this muppet could find what she was looking for, I  found the grave of my Great Great Great Grandmother who lived to the ripe old age of 92.

14.3.15 004

Jane Stephenson, I think you must have been some lady.

And hurrah for Mr E who got into the church, only a big shove was needed to open the door.

14.3.15 006

plain and simple inside

14.3.15 007

whoops I left my red gloves in shot. Now it wasn’t so damp this visit because there had just been a funeral. And I will tell a little story about this, names changed.

We drove to Ellerburn this time because we wanted to walk to Dalby Forest and didn’t know how far it would be. It’s nearly a narrow single file road, so we had to wait 15 minutes whilst the cortege and all the mourners passed us . We explored the churchyard first and then the inside of the church. We must have been there a further half hour before we left to start our walk. Imagine our surprise when a car pulls up outside the church ( remember this is a hamlet of one farm and three cottages) and a chap jumps out. “Where have they taken Fred too?” he demanded.

How do you loose a hearse? We made some useful suggestions but had no idea really. Hope he found Fred.

Anyway onto the walk, back passed the fish farm, there was a car there this time so the dog wasn’t on guard duty.

14.3.15 009

The beck is just as pretty as you continue along the valley. And I saw the first wild primroses  of this year, you may have to click on the picture to get it big enough to see.

14.3.15 010

Go past this farm

14.3.15 013

and you reach Dalby Forest. We think this strange thing is part of some water drainage thingy whatsit. Love to know if anyone has a clue.

14.3.15 011

And does anyone know what this is?

14.3.15 012

We had to turn back before we reached Dalby village, but we were now into familiar territory. The walk through Dalby Forest from Dalby being one of Dad’s favourite dog walks. Now all we have to do is rev up enough energy to do Thornton Dale to Dalby right through. We have done it once more or less, but that was 34 years ago when Mr T was in a push chair and I was in my 20’s!

Please feel free to leave a link to any walk related post you have written.



Yarn Along!

I am still reading The Forest, a good book but a long book. And I am still knitting the jumper for Master H’s birthday. Nearly finished the second sleeve and then I have to do the front. I am very afraid I don’t have enough yarn. I bought enough to have one ball left over and it won’t be left over it will be used and probably still not enough. It is an old pattern, maybe the wool changed.

In the meantime I have started to crochet a blanket for my Mum, my brother is hoping to get her a wheelchair to make outings easier, and so of course she needs a lap blanket. I got some new yarn last week in Scarborough when I was with Rachel, I can’t tell you how nice it is to go yarn hunting with a fellow knitter/crocheter , someone who understands the need for more yarn. I am going for a heather colour scheme and had some at home I knew would fit with the new yarn  just lovely.

14.3.15 014

The book is Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein on how to have a good old age, one in which you enjoy it for what it is, stop pretending you are still young, and have a good time before old old age begins. Just right for someone of my vintage!

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