Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Sailor collar marathon!

Last Sunday I had a six hour knitting marathon to finish the collar on the jacket I was making for Master T’s number 4 birthday ( as he called it). On Monday there was a four hour knitting session for  the front bands, and completing the garment, but it was worth it. First picture is out of focus, but it is too late to take it again.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 001

Here’s the collar that took so long, made in three sections then stitched to the front.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 002

The hard bit was figuring out how it attached to the front bands, because it twists to get the outside to the outside. The yarn and pattern are by Wondersoft and the pattern number is 8938. But he looks a bobby dazzler, I think.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 028

Not too chuffed to have to wait to go out for his birthday dinner.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 034

With his Mum and Dad and Little Miss F.

We stayed in a very pretty looking cottage, sadly spoiled by damp, which has gone on my chest, says she coughing!

Theo birthday Feb 2015 039

We had the heating on full blast whilst we were there and managed to hatch 4 tortoiseshell butterflies, no doubt from cocoons in the thatch!

I was rather disappointed we weren’t in the main house though.

Theo birthday Feb 2015 041

It was lovely to spend family time with Mr T, we fitted in a visit to Mr B as well and did some sightseeing in Wiltshire. We are still tentatively thinking of moving nearer all our sons, but where is the question. Our area stretches from Dorset to East Sussex and nowhere feels quite right yet. Any ideas anyone, we are looking for a small market town with nice houses that we can afford, and moving from the north is a big ask.

Now to stat the washing. Why is there always washing?




Comments on: "Sailor collar marathon!" (10)

  1. I suspect that the price of houses in market towns in the South East are somewhat higher than those in the north. Even living in the cities isn’t cheap.

  2. Isn’t he a little cutie? The top suits him a treat, grinning at bobby dazzler, haven’t heard that for ages,

  3. He does look great in his new sailor sweater, love the choice of buttons, they look like they may even have anchors on them.

    • Well thank you very much. The buttons are actually some vintage ones and there is a line design on them which I couldn’t quite make out. His Mum thought it was a map. I would have loved some with anchors on but I couldn’t find any. I wanted it to look like a sailors jacket. Main thing is that he is snug!

  4. Have you looked at Sherborne in Dorset? It’s a mediæval market town with a central abbey in daily use and two castles. I worked there for ten years and still drive the eight miles there to shop on a regular basis. Beautiful small town with housing at every price point.

    • Thank you so much for this idea. No we haven’t tried Sherborne , it sounds just what we have been looking for. next trip down we shall most certainly go. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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