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Coffee Fudge Cake.

Now did anyone watch The Great British Bake for Comic Relief this week, and did you laugh as much as I did?. It made me feel a whole heap better about my attempt at yet another Mary Berry recipe! In fact what happened would have been perfectly in keeping with the bakes attempted by the celebrities.

Oven at 180C Gas 4

Cake tin 30x23cm

175g butter- softened

175g caster sugar

225g SR flour

1 1/2 level tsp baking powder

3 large eggs

2tbsp milk

1tbsp coffee essence or 2tsp instant coffee in 1 tbsp hot water

Now the recipe says beat the above together, but I creamed the butter and sugar then added flour in the usual way.

Bake in the oven for 30-35 mins. Leave to cool in the tin. Do not take out of the tin

Fudge Topping

This is where it went horribly wrong. I will tell you. The Recipe says

50g butter

115g light brown sugar

2tbsp milk

280g icing sugar

Melt the butter, brown sugar and milk gently until the sugar dissolves then boil briskly for 3 minutes. So far so good.

Then… Remove from the heat and add the icing sugar gradually,  beat till smooth . Spread quickly over the cake and sprinkle over 25g chopped walnuts.

It instantly became obvious to me that the fudge could not take all that icing sugar. After a couple of spoonfuls I just had tiny lumps of fudge.  BUT I had a friend coming for tea, I needed the cake. Scene as you see on Bake off now ensued!!

Trying not to panic I put  most of the icing sugar back in the packet. I put the pan back onto the heat, added a bit more butter and milk , stirred and hoped for the best, and all was ok.

On reading other recipes for fudge icing it is clear that there is far too much icing sugar and not enough milk in this recipe. I will try another recipe.


Cake and fudge icing very nice, but it is clear I still don’t have the Bakes Like Berry.



Comments on: "Coffee Fudge Cake." (5)

  1. I wouldn’t mind..cake is cake lol 🙂

  2. I don’t see any disasters here just a huge hunk of the lovliest cake. Coffee is my favourite cake but there is only me to eat it in our house so I rarely make it. I think I might just be tempted after seeing yours though.

  3. At least it looked better than Dame Edna’s! This is why I tend to trust bloggers’s recipes more than cookbooks. I made crumpets yesterday (from a cookery book) and all the way through it just didn’t feel right. The couple of tablespoons of water turned into half a pint and the timings were way out. The crumpets tasted OK but they weren’t crumpets, if you know what I mean.

  4. It happened because you were having someone over. If I bake just for us, it’s perfection. Make the same recipe for company—disaster!

  5. These recipes do not seem very good! Have you goggled the book or recipes to see if any others have blogged about them? I wonder. I bet you’re not the only one.
    Net it tasted good though.

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