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National Libraries Day

Today is the day to go out and visit your library on National Libraries Day. My own library is under threat of closure. Unbelievable that here in the UK we value books so little we can even contemplate closing a library. Ours might be saved through the use of volunteers, which is worthy but still sends out the wrong message I believe. What do you think?

I am nearing the end of Lamentation by C J Sansom. I have loved this book so much, about the  mysterious disappearance of a compromising book written by Catherine Parr, last wife of Henry 8th, forming  the basis of a cracking good read! I have read two chapters every night, and much as I want to know what happens I don’t want the book to end. Only solution, go out and borrow two more books from the Library.

7.2.15 001

Want to know more about this day, go here

Meantime I have finished my latest offering for the delectable Little Miss F.

sheep Jan 15 002

and the button for all those fellow button lovers.

sheep Jan 15 003

If you fancy a bit more book love, try reading this post from Lolanova



Comments on: "National Libraries Day" (5)

  1. I always have a book on the go and mostly from the library. They are closing libraries in my area too, luckily not my favourite ones. Trouble is, I suppose, people have so much else to do these days as well as read. I try to encourage my friend to use the library but she prefers to buy (and return) books from the Oxfam book shop becaue it is closer.

    • I think it is sad that people are going to loose their libraries. If only they would visit, they would find so much more there for them. I use charity shops too for books, very good for beach holidays, books and sun cream don’t mix with sand!

  2. Funnily enough, and totally coincidentally, I’ve just come from Alex’s bookish post.

    My Mum’s a big Alexander McCall Smith fan, I really must give his books a try.

  3. I’ve read that people are reading more than in recent years because of Kindles, phones and tablets. Apparently huge numbers of younger people are reading books on their phones.

    I’m so sorry that libraries are closing, they are invaluable to many. I use mine on a sporadic basis but would be sad if it closed, but I disagree that people in the UK do not value books. Books are now more popular in electronic versions, than print, for many and I know libraries are having to rethink what they offer. I hope they are allowed time to be gain success at this transformation.

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