Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

15 for January.

January has indeed proved to be a month spent in waiting and hoping for news, and in dealing with family matters.Things have happened, but oh so slowly, two steps forward for one back. And I would like to thank everyone who has left me encouraging comments, about the time my family and I are having at the moment.

Having my 15 for 2015 list helped provide me with some focus on life beyond the problems, so grateful I have it. So now it is  time to reflect on what has been my January.

15 minutes walking, four times a week, achieved but only if I count walks to town for shopping, but it has prompted me into going out, which I do love. And also encouraged me to go out in all weathers. Somehow with my week down South I managed to miss the snow wherever I went, which is a shame cos I like snow. So I was glad to catch the tail end of it when I came home, on my favourite short walk.

27.1.15 003

14 bags to a charity shop. None gone yet, but we have started to clear the garage and two car boot loads of stuff have gone for recycling.

13 animal photos. Best I managed this month was some of my Mum’s cat.

Mum Jan 2015 005

Known as Mr Tom Socks.

12 meetings with friends. Yes, I went to a friends birthday lunch and met some fabulous new people. Lovely time, lovely food and terrific conversation. Tell me anyone else met a man this month who made theatre props, including a rat? Did me so much good. Brilliant.

11 new savoury recipes. Yes. I made spicy coconut chicken. Bit bland for my taste, and a bit like a curry recipe I already make, but Mr E loved it and ate up the leftovers for his lunch the next day.

23.1.15 002

And the first time I cooked with poppy seeds, not certain they added anything to the dish.

10 handwritten letters, I have hand written several thank you letters this month, but I am not counting them, they were just plain good manners.

9 hand made cards. Yes two, one birth card and one birthday card

23.1.15 004

8 sewing or embroidery projects. No, when I am worried I can’t be creative, something just freezes up inside me, but I can still craft.

7 new yarns. Yes. I used Bamboozle yarn which contains bamboo, it is a dream to knit with and gives a wonderful texture. But the King Cole yarn and pattern I followed wildly over estimated how much I would need and I have a lot leftover.

Mum Jan 2015 003

in close up

Mum Jan 2015 004

I have ordered some Alpaca wool now , for me, but I have four other items to do before I get to the Alpaca.

6 trips to museums, art galleries etc, none yet, but some good ideas.

5 projects for charity. Not certain if I should count the Great British Bird Count which I participated in at the weekend. I had my best tally ever, so the birds certainly benefited, and the RSPB is a charity. Do I count this , what do you think?

27.1.15 009

rubbish photo, but best I can do with my trusty little camera.

4 new walks, no but I have cut the directions for one from the local paper, but as it involves a tearoom at the end of 7 miles I thought I should wait for Spring.

3 craft workshops, none yet

2 new cities, no

1 railway journey, no

0 impulse purcaheses, yes, or do I mean no? No impulse shopping, yes!

Leaving you with a picture from my snowy walk, and wondering how everyone is doing with their good intentions for 2015, love to hear.

27.1.15 006



Comments on: "15 for January." (5)

  1. Walking is always good at lifting the spirits even walks to the shops. Love the little cardigan so original.

  2. Agree with Anne, walking is walking so count it all. Love your countdown, a great way to motivate yourself throughout the year. I too have done a list of things to achieve this year. I feel I lost hold of life a bit last year and need to get it back under control.

  3. sewingbutterfly said:

    Love the 15 for 2015 idea 🙂 I also find lists are helpful for focus!

  4. Yes, walks to town for shopping most definitely count. Lovely little cardigan (cute buttons) – what are you going to knit with the leftover yarn?

  5. I hope the walks are enjoyable, When I’m feeling low, a walk always helps even if the motivation to go out was not really there. Fortunately, we have two dogs that need to be exercised, so even when I don’t really want to I do get a walk. Without the dogs I’d probably just think ‘I’d rather be knitting’ and then sit on the sofa with a mug of tea and some yarn!

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