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Forward to the Future!

2014 was a challenging year for me ; illness and death dominated. But illness and death are as great a part of the human condition as are the joyous occasions of birth and life.It has been a year in which I learned so much and I think grew as a person. I experienced love and support from family and friends, betrayal and trust, despair and hope, loneliness and companionship. I found kindness, generosity, friendship, patience, goodness, joy, happiness, creativity and God’s goodness. There were the dark days when I listened endlessly to the World Radio during the night and busied myself during the day with projects and more projects, just to get through to bedtime and more radio… There were the days of calm when nothing more happened,and so the chance to recharge.

I shared in the Spring as my Dad took ill and died, and through the summer with my mothers’ stroke and  eventual return to her home. But Autumn brought in worse events and I couldn’t write about them. all I could do was keep going. Making plans became a waste of time, just when I knew what to do , priorities changed.

2015 will be a challenge too as we deal with the repercussions of 2014. And who knows what else awaits us in the future. Time is a continuum .But forward I go to the future.

Given that no-one knows what lies in front of them , I can only marvel at the human optimism of making New Year Resolutions! I have seen a few blogs recently full of wonderful goals for the year, and one caught my imagination…Laura at Made In Oxford. Here she lists 15 goals for 2015, but not quite as you might expect. And she challenged others to have a go too. And being forever an optimist and a glass half full kind of person I couldn’t resist  setting goals and making plans.

So here are my 15 for 15! Read to see how it works.

15 minutes walk , four times a week. Since my dog died nearly six years ago I find it hard to force myself out of doors in all weathers.

14 bags for the charity shops- unbelievably we have still not decluttered the garage nor finished emptying Dad’s house.

13 good photographs of animals. In 2014 I had the idea to make my own cat calender only to find I hadn’t enough photos of cats. So in 2015 I’d like to make my own animal calender, gives me a bit more scope!

12  meetings up with friends, in person, not just on line or by phone. When bad times strike I have found I have tendency to hunker down at home, time to get out and meet people.

11 new savoury recipes. I am very good at trying new cake recipes, but less so for new dinners

10 hand written letters to friends. Who doesn’t like a hand written personal letter instead of a quick email, or Facebook catch up?

9 hand made cards.

8 Sewing or embroidery projects

7 uses of yarn new to me, the more unusual the better. I have got stuck in a rut with my use of Sirdar yarn. Anyone got any recommendations for other yarn I should try.

6 trips to museums, art galleries, theatre, cinema- again in the spirit of rejoining the world.

5 projects for charity- ideas?

4 new walks

3 craft workshops

2 visits to new cities- again anyone have any suggestions. I am hoping Edinburgh will be one.

1 journey by rail

0 impulse purchases

I think the latter may be the hardest, so I will be writing my shopping lists with great care.

Love to know if you have any ideas on how to achieve the above, where to go what to try.

Meantime Forward to the Future. Happy New Year.


You make your plans and all goes to pot! Or one darned thing after another. But we are getting there. There was a wonderful weekend in the Cotswolds, now I am on auto pilot for Christmas.

Leaving you with Master H making a Christmas decoration at Cogges Farm museum in Witney, Oxfordshire last weekend.

Cotswolds 2014 019

Be back sometime… have a Happy Christmas one and all


I think we are all busy this month, certainly if you are a crafter it is time for a bit of overdrive. Here’s what I have been up to this last week.

I went to a half day workshop for Christmas decorations. It was a little disappointing in that we only got to make item but it is quite sweet. A ribbon Christmas tree.

1.12.14 003

Basically a polystyrene  cone with folds of ribbon pinned in. The strips are 6 cms long and pinned by holding the long edges right sides one on top of each other. Approx 3 metres in two colours needed for  a 14cm cone.Mine is only 12cm so I adjusted the amounts.

Next I have started to fill the little baskets I bought at the stitching show with rosebuds and decorating the lid with a ribbon and button. I shall be using my homegrown lavender in the screaming boxes.

1.12.14 004

From the top

1.12.14 005

And finally I completed the tunic I was knitting for Miss F which is miles too big and won’t be her size for another year I think!!

1.12.14 001

If you have enjoyed my Creative Embroidery posts and the Stitched Project I have started a new blog for them . I posted my November Stitching project on there which you can find at avoicethroughstitchhere

And now I am heading to Handmade Harbour for crafty inspiration.

Love to know what you have been making this week.

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