Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

19.11.2014 018

Lets start with the heap of books. The Robert Harris I was reading last time was brilliant. I love this author, his historical novels are so well researched and written, and his thrillers are great too. If you like thrillers with a conspiracy element then do try The Fear Index. I could sum it up in three words but that would give the whole book AWAY. Whilst we were away looking after business I read the John Grisham, The Litigators, another one of his good legal dramas.

Now I am reading The Spice Merchants wife, by Charlotte Betts, the blurb on the back compares her to Phillipa Gregory and Joanne Harris, check out my book page and you will know why I was drawn to this book. Sadly too much of the bodice ripper about it for my taste, but an enjoyable  read for all that.

On the underneath of the pile and barely visible is a Library book called Reclaimed Textiles by Kim Thittichai. The introduction contained sentences which really appealed to me. Consider ” How many of you have at least one drawer of products you have never used? Do you even know why you bought them?Many of us feel guilty of storing away things we are never going to use” THAT’S ME! Or material and objects  with ” an infinite number of colour and texture…many in your home right now” Has this Kim been in my house and had a rummage round.

Readers I borrowed the book. Sat down at home Earl Grey in the mug and commenced reading . By Page 10 the list of things called Basis Techniques began. BUT guess what you need all sorts of things I never heard of let alone having lying around my house unused. Consider Jones Tones heat transfer foils, mica flakes,gilding flakes, gel medium, acrylic wax, foil glues, xpandaprint, and I am only on page 13. Not quite what I was hoping for, but pretty to look at. Anyone heard of any of this stuff?

On the needles right now the tunic I am making for Miss F, the front is done. I never did a pattern before when you do the front before the back. What a sheltered life I have!

Meantime anyone going to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate tomorrow. Hoping I can make it.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


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  1. Nope, certainly never heard of any of those things… bet you’re glad you got the book from the library rather than bought it!

  2. Well…yes I have heard of some of that stuff…mica flakes and gilding flakes have been used in multi media card making/scrapbooking/altering….but that’s for another time…lol..

    I’m currently knitting Bunnies (don’t ask)…so wish I could go to the knitting/stitching show…I cant do tomorrow (thurs) as still have the builders in (I’ll be charging them rent soon)..I might give it a go on Friday…if I feel brave enough to drive all that way without a clue where I’m going…lol….

    • Charging builders a rent, now that’s a thought. You gave me a good laugh! Look forward to seeing the bunnies, I won’t ask but I am very curious. I will take lots of pics tomorrow. can’t say I really know where I am going but hoping Sat nav will get me there.

  3. i am curious about a Christmas cake – what’s in it? i bet it is just delicious!! you enjoy!! i need to sit down and read…. i have to hush my mind 1st though. ha. ha! ( :

    • Christmas cake is a rich fruit cake, iced with marzipan and royal icing. Mine has cranberries in as well as dried mixed fruit. And you either love it or hate it. I love Christmas cake.

  4. I’ve heard of them, and used one or two, back when I was working in polymer clay. Mica makes very cool effects in poly clay. Enjoy the books!

    • Rather strangely I saw xpandaprint today at the Knitting and Stitching show. It looked like thick glue and the demonstrator was hair drying it. She was really concentrating and didn’t enlighten her audience as to what she was doing. I shall just have to google it.

  5. Bet you’re glad you didn’t buy the book, as it sounds like it would be another of those unused products!

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