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Cross stitch book mark

I recently joined Marigold’s loft for a book mark exchange. I was teamed with Jessica, and now I have heard that she has received and liked her book mark I will show you the one I made her, and I proudly add ,designed myself!

31.10.14 001

Here is in greater detail is the lower part, writing is in back stitch with a french knot for dot over the i

31.10.14 003

and here and out of focus (sorry) is the upper part

31.10.14 002

Now for something completely different. Have you ever had a yen to learn felting? It is great fun and here are details of a giveaway for a book on how to felt.

Meantime, we were away last week attending a family funeral and other things.. not been a good year for us, in fact it has on the whole, been awful, but I have good feeling in my bones that the circle has turned and we are on the up.

Hope things are all good in your neck of the woods and if not stay positive, life can only get better!

One more link to Handmade Monday




Comments on: "Cross stitch book mark" (13)

  1. Pretty bookmark. I am doing the exchange too. Here’s hoping you are right and next year is better.

  2. What a pretty bookmark, I’m sure she loved it.

  3. Hi Cathy….lovely bookmark…its great to design something yourself. Sorry to hear about the sad family stuff….last year was my bad year…I lost my Mum, Auntie (mum’s sister) and my brother in law…I saw a lot of the extended family though, albeit at the funerals ! I was very glad to see the end of 2013. As for this year…well who would have thought I would be making a brand new start here in lovely Yorkshire!!…This time last year it wasn’t even an idea!!.

    Anyway…can you tell me if you know of any Christmas fairs coming up in our neck of the woods? Email me if it’s easier…address is on my blog.

    Happy Crafting!

    • Hi, thanks Jan, it has been tough. Will email you..

      • Hi thanks for the info…I don’t enough ‘stock’ to have a stall, but plan to get ‘out there’ in the new year…sorry you couldn’t find my email…its right at the bottom on the right hand side!…

  4. Very pretty…was taken by your blog name since I am a Kathy and a nanny too! Blessings.

  5. I love the bookmark, it is amazing, well done!
    Sorry to hear about your loss, but I find your positiveness inspirational 🙂

    • Thank you Natalie, and thanks for organizing everything. I try to be positive, I can’t bear the thought of the negatives, so I just don’t think about them at all.

  6. Cathy, I do indeed love the bookmark you made for me. Thank you so much for a wonderful swap parcel. Oh by the way – my little daughter (2. y. o.) has claimed the pretty red box you sent everything in – it’s her “dummy fairy box” now, and she has already used it once (I guess it will take another couple of weeks until she’s ready to give up the rest of her dummies, though).

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