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Stitching Journal- October

October has been mild and a little damp. However, I have enjoyed many an autumn walk, collecting some leaves which I dried and have used as inspiration for this months Stitching Project.

blackberries.Oct 14 010

I love the way these leaves look en masse.  So I began by painting ,using fabric paints ,onto a piece of washed calico. I applied bondaweb. Then I cut out leaf shapes, placed them onto my backing fabric and started to sew. I was after an effect like the photograph above.

31.10.14 010

Now the overall effect is not to my liking yet.

31.10.14 011

Individually I like the leaves

31.10.14 013

but the middle bit lacks definition

31.10.14 014

My thought is that it needs a yellow leaf in the middle.So do I paint up more fabric and make a large leaf like the colours here

31.10.14 012

or do I use this yellow fabric for a leaf?

31.10.14 015

Or do I just leave it alone ( pun not intended!) Do I apply wadding to the back and quilt? Do I just try to define some of the leaf shapes more, add some veins? Really would appreciate all thoughts and comments.

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Comments on: "Stitching Journal- October" (9)

  1. Mel Makes said:

    The leaves are lovely, I think you should add detail of the veins and maybe that other fabric too – can’t wait to see the final piece 🙂

  2. This is so lovely Cathy…I think I would quilt it…that would give it definition…oh and paint up another leaf to keep the colour flow. 🙂 x

    • Thank you also for commenting with your ideas. I think I shall paint up some fabric and make leaves from both fabrics choose one,then start quilting. Update next month! Love the stitching project, so wish I had started earlier with it.

  3. I like what Mel said. It is lovely so far and I didn’t even get this far on mine this month! Please share an update if you continue!

  4. Machine embroidery for more definition? Leaf views and outlines would be good.

  5. So it would appear I am late to the party and every one has already said what I would have said. Which is stitched veins in a darker colour thread. May be quilt it too. Possibly make some separate leaves quilted on their own that you stitch on separately to make it more 3d.

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