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Autumn walk

At this time of year, if the sun shines even just a little  in England,you head out doors to make the most of it.  Last week I headed out in search of Autumn colours.

blackberries.Oct 14 001

Past the bullocks in the river field.

blackberries.Oct 14 003

Along the track which runs by the railway. I love this old truck.

blackberries.Oct 14 009

And into the woods known locally as the Quarry Bottoms! For the obvious reason that it is the bottom of an old quarry, and was a favourite walk of us children when I was growing up.

blackberries.Oct 14 014

You can see where the stone was cut from the rocks.

blackberries.Oct 14 022

Wonder what this is doing here?

blackberries.Oct 14 024

the last of the blackberries which we had in a pudding called Pear and Blackberry steamed pudding. Went a funny pink colour and was rather moist! Recipe from Morrisons supermarket magazine this month.

blackberries.Oct 14 026

Just love the carpet of leaves at this time of year.

blackberries.Oct 14 010

Blown against a mossy tree trunk.

blackberries.Oct 14 028

And so home, but not before I had collected a lovely selection of autumn leaves, which I dried in newspaper at home.

I left them in a pile on the paper in the lounge all weekend,  and so wise to my ways is Mr E that  not ONCE did he  ask what they were doing there!

15.10.14 005

Hope you  all enjoying some sunshine this weekend. And the leaves are there for a reason….


Comments on: "Autumn walk" (9)

  1. Hello Cathy…Lovely photos…I love autumn too…I ordered some yarn in autumn colours last week to crochet a blanket…nothing fancy just stripes…haven’t started it yet though!…so probably be ready for next year!!! I need to find some nice walks around here…any ideas??

    Jan (from the felting class) x

    • Hi. Jan. You have some super walks near you. Drive up to Dalby Forest up the road near the pub and you can park at Bickley gate, two good walks there and its before you have to pay the forest drive toll. Also go and explore Forge valley, accessed from East Ayton on the way to Scarborough. Have had a go at making another bird, in pink! Got as far as the beak. Your blanket sounds lovely. Hoping to make the poppy workshop.

  2. Mr E obviously knows you very well!
    Love these pictures. I could have taken them myself!

  3. Was just about to set off with the dogs on an autumnal walk, when it started to drizzle… which was far too autumnal for my liking; so, thank you for providing me with a vicarious walk instead!

  4. He’s a saint that Mr E.

  5. Lovely photographs. I love autumn too.

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