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Bakes like Berry!

This week from the book by Mary Berry called 100 Sweet treats and puds I tried some double ginger muffins. I do not like these muffins over much. Described as more like a scone than a cake they aren’t like either as far as I am concerned. However heated up a little and served with Rhubarb and ginger jam, they are just about ok.

15.10.14 002

And we shall plough through them! It occurred to me  that maybe I am breaking some hideous law by writing out the recipes from this book, albeit in my own words, and as this recipe isn’t too good, I shall not bother, but instead advise you miss this one if you have the book. Better luck next week I hope.


Comments on: "Bakes like Berry!" (8)

  1. Sorry to say they don’t look very appetising either!

  2. Nil points for Mary Berry on this occasion!

    • Quite, I have made muffins before and these are nothing like muffins! Two of the three recipes I have tried from this book are disappointing. Not looking good. But we shall see.

  3. You’re not selling the book!

  4. As far as I am aware you can’t copyright recipes themselves but the wording and layout are copyright. So as long as you describe the recipe in your own words it should be okay.

  5. Thanks I was a bit worried about that.

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