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InSpired Sunday!

Back on my own home turf again this week. This church is in the village of Ellerburn,North Yorkshire and I had a specific reason for visiting. Whilst clearing out Dad’s house I came across a piece of paper with a list of grave memorials from this church and one name jumped out at me , a Jane Stephenson, aged 92, who it seems was my great great great grandmother, and I had no idea of her burial site. Quite why Dad had the list I don’t know since he professed to know nothing of this side of his family, or did he?

Here’s the church at Ellerburn.

Ellerburn Aug 14 007

Now I couldn’t get into the church itself which didn’t bother me unduly as it has a bat problem and personally I don’t like bats one little bit.

I was interested in the church yard. I noted that this church had a novel approach to keeping the grass tidy. SHEEP!

Ellerburn Aug 14 011

Which is all well and good but the gate was padlocked and I couldn’t explore.

Ellerburn Aug 14 012

and you can’t get in which ever way you try. I shall just have to keep going back till the sheep have gone.

Meantime I contented myself with some rather nice stone carvings

Ellerburn Aug 14 008

Ellerburn Aug 14 009

which are rather lovely. Linking in with Inspired Sunday


Comments on: "InSpired Sunday!" (9)

  1. This is a fascinating church and graveyard. How neat that your great great grandmother’s name was listed among those interred in the cemetery and you didn’t know.

  2. Looks like they robbed a preacing cross or recyled one.Looks like a nice church I’d love to go inside. There would be a name somewhere of the person to ask. The church also looks like it has had the tower removed sammas it was. You might even find more clues inside.

  3. beautiful church. hope you can find what you need.

  4. At first this is a simple looking stone church, but some of the trim is quite ornament. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. i love your photo angles – how you got the cemetery & church. have a lovely week. ( :

  6. Looks a lovely old church.

  7. I love visiting these country churches. Those carvings are so interesting. I do hope you can get into the church and yard and find those gravesites…

  8. Mike Burnett said:

    Did it have a date for her passing, or was that what you wished to discover?

    • The date is 16.10.1865, relict of William Stephenson, vet of Thornton Dale! The local society has just published the parish records, so I will be getting a copy! Will keep you posted Mike! Imagine though 92!

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