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Bakes like Berry!

I was a little disappointed that Richard didn’t win the Bake Off last night but you are only as good as your last bake! Fortunately for me the next ginger recipe I tried from 100 Sweet Treats and Puds by Mary Berry was a success.

Florrie birthday 2014 002

Ginger bread Traybake

Strange when I think about it that although I had three strapping sons I never made a tray bake before. Just ordinary sized cakes. This one was perfect for what I had in mind at the weekend.

Oven 160C or gas 3. 30x23cm tin

Heat together gently 10 0z golden syrup, 10 oz black treacle,8 oz light brown sugar, 8 oz butter until blended,do not boil

Remove from heat and stir in 1lb SR flour, 1 level tsp of ground ginger.

Add 4 large beaten eggs and 4 tbsp milk

Pour into tin and bake for 45-50 mins

When cool ice with glace icing made up of 8oz icing sugar and 2 tbsp water ( I needed more water than that)

Sprinkle on 2 oz chopped stem ginger

It was nice enough to take to share for this

Florrie birthday 2014 034

Here it is

Florrie birthday 2014 030

here’s the real start of the show!

Florrie birthday 2014 018

with her Mummy and her Daddy

Florrie birthday 2014 035

Happy Birthday little one!

More ginger recipes to come….

Anyone baking this week?





Comments on: "Bakes like Berry!" (10)

  1. Sounds good but that recipe must make a lot!

  2. Tonight I will be baking a sticky toffee cake with apple… to cheer up a meeting I have to go to tomorrow.
    I too thought Richard would win, but perhaps the pressure finally got to him.

    • Your sticky toffee cake sounds really tasty, please can I come to your meeting? Poor Richard , all for the lack of knowing how to make a lemon tart, and using childlike icing.

  3. Hi Cathy…lovely to meet you today, just been looking through your lovely blog…just love it ! been drooling over those lovely plum cakes and bakes (yes, Richard was robbed on Bake Off!!…) I have booked the Poppy felt class for the 6th Nov, will you be coming?. I showed my neighbour the robin we made this morning, she fussed over it so much I said I would make her one.!. I think there is a new obsession brewing…I been on ‘World of Wool’ website already!!…hope to see you again – happy crafting, Jan.x

    • Hi Jan, It was lovely to meet you too this morning. Welcome to Ryedale! I’d love to do the poppy on 6 November, just need to wait to see what else is happening here first. Reminds me I need to go over to world of wool! Your robin was gorgeous, mine still looks forlorn!

  4. It looks delicious! We are big ginger fans here so I think I’ll have to make this 🙂

  5. I was just wondering what to bake this weekend. We’ve had banana bread 2 weekends running so time for a change.

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