Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

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Slow progress on the jumper for Mr E. The back is done and I am on the second half of the front ,nearly at the shoulder and should be onto the sleeves tomorrow. Adult jumpers do just tend to go on and on, which is quite therapeutic in its own way.

Last two books read have been on the Kindle. I am so jealous of the paperwhite Kindle I gave E for his birthday this year. Never mind, my kindle is brilliant when I travel.

First book read was Peaches for Monsieur le Cure by Joanne Harris- the third in the series. I loved this book, which goes back to the setting of Chocolat, highly recommend this one.

Currently 75% of the way through Time after Time by Kate Atkinson and loving this one too.

Both of these books I read about through Yarn Along. So all power to Ginny I say.

Now let me tell you about a blog hop to join. The Red Headed Stitcher has appealed for people to join her blog hop to write about female characters you identify with or just plain like. Do check it out here

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (6)

  1. It’s turning out really lovely. I’d love to get cracking on my socks using this yarn but I’m saving it for my holiday. 🙂

  2. I have a copy of Life After Life ready and waiting on my shelf after a couple of friends recommended it to me – I am glad to hear you’re also enjoying it!

  3. I’ve read a few other Kate Atkinsons and loved them, so it sounds like I’ll have to add this one to my list as well.

    There’s definitely something comforting about making something easy and ongoing. Love the colour of that jumper.

  4. that is going to be a lovely sweater! and yes, adults sweater go on and on! LOL

  5. At least your sweater has interesting wool. I am sure he will love it. I am going off doing ones in a plain colour. Comes of being a rainbow junkie I suppose. 😦

  6. Oh man… adult sweaters… i feel you.

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