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Felt Embroidery Update!

Back in my August Stitching project I shared my attempt at embroidering on handmade felt , all inspired by my slightly unusual love of moss. I wasn’t happy at the result. Two things happened. I followed up the advice to try needlefelting  and I went to a local Art exhibition. At this event a well known local amateur artist had entered a felt landscape of a local beauty spot. And she was offering it for sale at £45. I don’t want to say anything about this , except I went home and thought my attempt maybe wasn’t as bad as I thought!

Having made three needlefelt birds I attacked my moss felt with the needle, and this firmed it all up very nicely. Next I neatened up the edges. And now I am slowly embroidering onto the surface,and I am really enjoying the process.

So now I am ready to share my progress.

31.10.14 005

Beginning to look a little better.

Some details.

31.10.14 006

Chain stitch

31.10.14 007

I’ve added some pre felt and buttonhole stitched over it

31.10.14 008

Buttonhole circles

31.10.14 009

You can see on this picture that where  the felt has been needlefelted it is much firmer and dense . I shall keep going with this after all.

Thanks for all comments last time and the suggestion to needlefelt.All thoughts are very welcome. And just in case anyone wonders, I have not asked for Mr E’s input!!


Yarn Along!

I finished knitting this little chap for Master H.

28.10.14 005

So now it’s on with the cardigan, but not much progress yet.

29.10.14 012

Visited the library  at the weekend so now I am reading The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt. Only on Chapter 4 so too early to say anything.

Lovely sunny Autumn day today. Have been to Scarborough to see the Sea!

Joining with Ginny as per on a Wednesday!

PS the jumper fit Mr E a treat, he couldn’t wait till Christmas and so its had its first outing already

Rag Doll Update

I have made great strides with the doll I have been making for a while (years)  and she is now fully clothed with hair. I still have a pinafore to make for her, but here she is.

28.10.14 004

The dress is fastened at the back with snap fasteners and dummy buttons to cover the snaps. And oh boy does she have hair..

28.10.14 003

Without the hair she was pretty spooky looking but now she seems to have quite a sweet face

28.10.14 002

I am rather proud of her. the clothes are incredibly fiddly to stitch. Maybe the Sewing Bee should try a rag doll as a challenge. Believe me it is hard to do everything in miniature. She even has shoes. She has changed names several times as I have constructed her.Until the shoes she was Sarah Jane.But when I made the shoes I was reminded of a doll I had as a child who was called Mary Jane. So now this little Miss is Mary Jane. But that could change with the pinafore.Wonder what Miss F will call her?

28.10.14 001

Yarn Along!

Triumph! One jumper for my dearly beloved Mr E complete. Slight trepidation as he has yet to try it on now it’s all stitched up.

21.10.14 008

However, come Friday I should know the truth!

Meantime I have been busy.

22.10.14 001

One little someone for Master H- go on guess, it’s not hard! And a pink little cardigan for Little Miss F, who is not so little these days now she is a big girl of one! For some unknown reason I fancied reading about hobbits last night. Could it have been the wind and the rain and the need to snuggle into a hobbit hole for the winter?

Meantime you just have time to sign up for a bookmark exchange, you make one , you get sent one! Strikes me that bookmarks and postcards are the antiques of the future, so maybe you should just join in. Natalie at Marigolds Loft is organizing a book mark excahnge, Check out the details here

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


I had a wonderful morning this month at a local craft workshop where I learnt how to needlefelt.  Needlefelt is made by felting together wool using a special needle with small barbs at the point. Only tools needed are the needle, wool and a sponge and off you go. Really simple to do and very satisfying as the felt comes together pretty quickly.

We made a robin, mine looks a little surprised but for a first attempt I was pleased.

21.10.14 007

I made two more birds using wool I had at home and here they are.

21.10.14 005

So now to see if I can improve the moss felt piece I attempted in August!!

Best bit of the morning was meeting other like minded people , especially new to Yorkshire, Jan who also blogs. How cool was that. Check her blog out here at Lilypuss

InSpired Sunday!

Today I have a little gem from York. Not the resplendent York Minster but one of York’s hidden treasures. This is Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York.

9.9.14 006

Come inside

9.9.14 008

Fabulous high pews with Jacobean decoration

9.9.14 007

The most uneven upity downity stone floor

9.9.14 014

A pulpit for thunderous sermons!

9.9.14 015

A beautiful font

9.9.14 009

9.9.14 010

A peep hole so everyone can see.

9.9.14 011

9.9.14 012


Outside some of the graveyard is overgrown

9.9.14 018

9.9.14 019

BUT at the front of the church the grass is neatly mown and benches galore are set about, and the office workers and shoppers make much use of them at lunch time. An idyllic spot for a picnic and a read.

9.9.14 020

Linking with Inspired Sunday

Autumn walk

At this time of year, if the sun shines even just a little  in England,you head out doors to make the most of it.  Last week I headed out in search of Autumn colours.

blackberries.Oct 14 001

Past the bullocks in the river field.

blackberries.Oct 14 003

Along the track which runs by the railway. I love this old truck.

blackberries.Oct 14 009

And into the woods known locally as the Quarry Bottoms! For the obvious reason that it is the bottom of an old quarry, and was a favourite walk of us children when I was growing up.

blackberries.Oct 14 014

You can see where the stone was cut from the rocks.

blackberries.Oct 14 022

Wonder what this is doing here?

blackberries.Oct 14 024

the last of the blackberries which we had in a pudding called Pear and Blackberry steamed pudding. Went a funny pink colour and was rather moist! Recipe from Morrisons supermarket magazine this month.

blackberries.Oct 14 026

Just love the carpet of leaves at this time of year.

blackberries.Oct 14 010

Blown against a mossy tree trunk.

blackberries.Oct 14 028

And so home, but not before I had collected a lovely selection of autumn leaves, which I dried in newspaper at home.

I left them in a pile on the paper in the lounge all weekend,  and so wise to my ways is Mr E that  not ONCE did he  ask what they were doing there!

15.10.14 005

Hope you  all enjoying some sunshine this weekend. And the leaves are there for a reason….

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