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Crete InSpiration

One good thing this month, we managed a few days holiday in Crete, before life went pear shaped. Here’s a tiny bit of Sunday Inspiration Crete style, taken in the Chania district.

crete 2014 001

Simple little church.

crete 2014 020

Now this one is called St John and to the right of this is a church in a cave

crete 2014 022

Probably on  a truly ancient Cretan sacred site, inside

crete 2014 023

I’ll be honest I don’t get much from the inside of a Greek orthodox church

crete 2014 024

a bit too ornate for me. I wonder do we only feel the sacred within a cultural context we associate with spirituality?

crete 2014 056

And one final image. We went closer to the church but a wedding party was in full progress and we didn’t like to intrude.

Back to Yorkshire, England next time

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Comments on: "Crete InSpiration" (4)

  1. Been to a fewin Cyprus but never got any photos. They have nice churches there from the look

  2. Lovely, I like the icons. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. i really love the roofing. what a beauty. have a great week. ( :

  4. Wow !!!

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