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InSpired Sunday

We happened upon the church of St Mary at Lastingham a few years ago. Back in August there was a local art exhibition in Lastingham and whilst there  I couldn’t resist another visit to this ancient church.

14.8.14 008

When I say ancient, I mean it. The original church dates back to the 650s when it was established as a monastery by Cedd. Lets take a look inside

14.8.14 007

through the door

14.8.14 010

Before we go down those stairs in the middle of the picture, take a look up

14.8.14 012

I love the vaulted ceiling. Going down the stairs to the Norman crypt

14.8.14 013

14.8.14 014

the little altar at the far end.

14.8.14 016

where this is stored.

Coming back up

14.8.14 011

there’s the font and

14.8.14 009

and a plaque to a John Featherstone. Featherstone is such a common name in this area.

14.8.14 020

Here is a stone pulpit, I don’t think I have encountered many stone pulpits.

14.8.14 021

a blocked in arch way

14.8.14 019

the view looking towards the back of the church.

14.8.14 005

Back outside

14.8.14 023

there is this view up the hill

no wonder Bede wrote of this setting‘

amid some steep and remote hills which seemed better fitted for the haunts of robbers and the dens of wild beasts than for human habitation; so that, as Isaiah says, “In the Habitation where once dragons lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes”‘.

Hope you enjoyed this church. Linking with Inspired Sunday




Comments on: "InSpired Sunday" (6)

  1. You have ancient churches and we have old churches. Thanks for sharing. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. 650, wow! Our European history barely goes back 250 years. Thanks for sharing this wonderful old place of worship.


  3. Well done of a great blog this week. Hopefully I will be back for next Sunday

  4. Lucky you. Lastingham’s been on the list for ages and I’ve yet to make it across. Wonderful photo tour – thank you.

  5. Ancient, but lovely. Love the quote you shared.

  6. i love the clock & all those details inside. sorry i am late commenting … i have been away. ( :

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