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Plumtastic or Plumtastropie?

Plumtastic! It has been a bumper plum year , in fact the last three years have been bumper plum years. We only just finished the plums in the freezer from 2012, so that’s all of 2013 still there for this winter. Which left this as a problem.

plums 09.2014 002

That’s what my plum tree looks like right now after I have given loads away and made lots of plummy goodness.

Plums like these

plums 09.2014 004

have become plum crumbles, plum cake

9.9.14 001

plum loaf which is a little weird

9.9.14 002

made as it is with a tub of cottage cheese. Then there was spiced plum chutney

3.9.14 003

which bubbled away for an hour or so to become a years supply

plum chutney 2014 001

so what do I do next?

We had a plumtastrophie this year because the tree was just  over laden with plums, look what happened

plums 09.2014 003

One snapped off branch and I think another has fallen too but I can’t tell because the rest of the tree gets in the way. So any thoughts on uses for plums or how to stop any more branches going the way of this one, next year? Please.

PS Neighbours and friends all have plums from us already.


Comments on: "Plumtastic or Plumtastropie?" (2)

  1. My in-laws put props under their branches to keep them up – they now look like part of the tree. What to do with all those plums? I’ve finally convinced myself that my fruit trees are beautiful trees in their own right. Any fruit I use from them is a bonus and any that fall to the ground are raked up and put onto the compost heap, which ends up back on the garden. I would go mad if I tried to use all the fruit from my trees and nobody would ever visit for fear of being laden down with bags to take home.Plum loaf with a tub of cottage cheese sounds interesting.

  2. I prop the branches on my little apple tree so might be worth considering. Have you thought of simply bottling the plums for future use in pies and loaves (?) my mother used to bottle lots of fruit in the autumn. And there is also plum jam.

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