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Mouseman InSpiration

I loved this visit and I hope you do too. I visited a craft workshop and a  church in Kilburn. Why?

Well, Robert Thompson was a joiner and wheelwright working in Kilburn North Yorkshire. He was self taught and used the same tools and skills as medieval craftsman.  He started to make furniture in 1919. His symbol was a carved mouse.  The story goes that one of his craftsmen commented that they were poor as church mice, whereupon Robert carved a mouse on the church rafter he was working on, and the rest is history..

His workshop is still in existence with handcrafted items fetching prices ranging from £10,000 for a dresser to a napkin ring at £37. You can visit the workshop and see the craftsmen at work from a viewing gallery. Of course, what is really in demand are the original Robert Thompson pieces, which can be picked up from local antique shops and auction rooms, if you are lucky. Let’s go on the tour.

20.8.14 004

The workshop

20.8.14 006

the Showroom

And here is a mouse on a modern piece of furniture.

20.8.14 007


20.8.14 017

This is the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kilburn. It was built in 1120-1130, making it even older than Rievaulx Abbey and one of the oldest churches in the area. Inside there are plenty examples from Robert Thompson and his company .

20.8.14 009

These pews hide a number of mice if you look for them.

20.8.14 010

There’s one

20.8.14 012

And another

20.8.14 008

And another

20.8.14 013

that’s no mouse, how did he get in

20.8.14 016

another one

20.8.14 018

back outside I had a prowl around

20.8.14 019

loved the surname on this grave, I’ve heard of Green, Black, Brown, White and Grey as a surname but never a yellow.

20.8.14 022

Just outside was this war memorial

and nearby this looks pretty random unless you know what it was for

20.8.14 023

getting on a horse is my guess.

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Comments on: "Mouseman InSpiration" (5)

  1. so cool … now how often will you find something like this!! ha. ha!! sorry i am late commenting … i have been away. ( :

  2. Amazing church and history. The church mice are fabulous!

  3. Thanks for the tour. I like the mice, but I’m afraid that my wife would not agree. The furniture is a bit out of my price range! Tom The Backroads Traveller

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