Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

Last night I finished the jacket for Master T, to be presented at Christmas.

3.9.14 004

And there’s a matching titfer( Hat)

3.9.14 006

And here’s the lovely buttons in close up, so pleased with these, I love my local Button Shop.

3.9.14 005

So waiting to begin tonight is

3.9.14 007

The jumper that my Mr asked for wistfully earlier this year when I made the tank top for Master H.

Reading Catch 22, having found it on my son’s bookcase, yes I know he left home 6 years ago but you can’t tell looking at his room….

Read it years ago and quite honestly apart from remembering what Catch 22 is , I can’t recall a single thing about the book, except it  is funnier than I recall, which probably means I have just grown older and can see the humour this time round…..

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (10)

  1. I don’t know of a button shop near me. I love those elephant buttons. Such a cute sweater and hat.

  2. I read Catch 22 so long ago it’s lost in the mists of time … I do remember laughing a lot though!

    Those buttons are just the cutest.

  3. Lovely sweater. I do like the texture of the yarn.
    I too have that Crofters dk in that very same colour. I’m planning knee high chunky socks with mine 😉

  4. nmccarroll2014 said:

    Darling sweater and great choice for the buttons.

  5. That is the cutest button!

  6. Very cute sweater and the buttons are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

  7. That will be a great gift! Love the elefants!

  8. Delightful buttons! We are not blessed with great button shops round here, but that probably saves me money in the long run!
    Catch 22 is one of the few books in the world I am incapable of reading. I have tried many times and, in the end, gave my copy to the charity shop. I just can’t get past the first 10 pages.

  9. Love the buttons too, they really do finish it off. I have the buttons ready for my WIP but progress is slow – 4 ply!

  10. I can see why you like your button shop. So much better with fun buttons!

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