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Taking Stock! August

Not quite certain what happened to August, it has just gone, so time to take stock.

Congratulating- My son Mr B who has passed his accountancy exams this month, these took three years on top of the three years he spent at Uni getting a degree, the two years for A levels and the two years before that for GCSEs.  Such a proud Mum!

Making- determined to finish the doll I started twenty plus years ago and dug out earlier this year. Please hold me to it.

Cooking- It’s plum season so cooking Plum Cake, plum crumble and later this week plum chutney.

Drinking-had my first mug of hot chocolate last night, the season is a turning

Reading- started Catch 22 late last night, years since I read it.

Wanting- to find the perfect buttons for my first knit for Christmas , this one a jacket for Master T who loves his buttons. It may necessitate  a trip to York.

Anticipating–  have enrolled for three short evening courses this Autumn, am so hoping they all run, dependent on sufficient numbers.

Watching- apart from Bake Off,” Who do you think you are”. I love this programme but wish it contained more how to information and less celebrities. Am I the only one getting heartily sick of celebrities?

Feeling- mixed emotions. Mum is going home this week, brilliant news. Have finally got the contents of Dads’ house under control and the house on the market, so feeling pretty tired emotionally and physically. Excited, we have booked a holiday.

Bookmarking- sometimes I can’t remember how I found a blog, but this one is a very recent find.

Raven Wood Forest

Smelling- have to give another mention to the beautiful heather moors and the smell of honey that wafts on the breeze from them at this time of year.

And Finally how did we ever manage this?

14.8.14 026

Thank you Mr E for sharing the happy times and being there when I was in need.







Comments on: "Taking Stock! August" (5)

  1. Congratulations on your ruby wedding and well done to your son!

  2. creative pixie said:

    Congratulations on your Ruby wedding anniversary – such an milestone.

  3. Happy Anniversary Cathy and Mr. E and congratulations to your son. What an accomplishment. You must have done something right. Love and warm hugs, Tamara

  4. Hugest congratulations on your anniversary, and very well done to your son.

  5. Many thanks everyone for the Congratulations

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