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Moments of peace

crete 2014 017

hope your day has its moments of peace too…


Sands of Time

Memories across the sands of time, memories from Crete…. one at a time..

One evening we sat on the beach, together,  watching the sun descend  the sky , behind the mountains.Light rippled over the sand.

crete 2014 014

light and shade, warm and cool, time , endless time…..


Crete InSpiration

One good thing this month, we managed a few days holiday in Crete, before life went pear shaped. Here’s a tiny bit of Sunday Inspiration Crete style, taken in the Chania district.

crete 2014 001

Simple little church.

crete 2014 020

Now this one is called St John and to the right of this is a church in a cave

crete 2014 022

Probably on  a truly ancient Cretan sacred site, inside

crete 2014 023

I’ll be honest I don’t get much from the inside of a Greek orthodox church

crete 2014 024

a bit too ornate for me. I wonder do we only feel the sacred within a cultural context we associate with spirituality?

crete 2014 056

And one final image. We went closer to the church but a wedding party was in full progress and we didn’t like to intrude.

Back to Yorkshire, England next time

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Stitched Journal- September

It’s been an odd month, some good things,some absolutely awful. Stitching time has been very limited, and mostly to a doll I am making, have been making for more years than I can recall accurately.

I am not showing the whole doll yet as she is without hair, and that wouldn’t be fair. This month I have tussled with underwear, it involved pleats and lace and ribbons and bows so small. I have never tried anything so complicated before nor so fiddly. Added to which the pattern I am using has the underwear stitched onto the doll and as a child I hated it when you couldn’t dress and undress a doll, so I had to make it up as I went.

26.9.14 006

See the pleats, I was quite pleased with them and the ribbon to fasten the camisole.

26.9.14 007

Little lacy gathers on the pantaloons.

26.9.14 005

And there she is in her frillies. Not certain yet if she is a Martha or a Matilda, we shall see

Joining with Lola Nova for the Stitched Journal, which by sheer coincidence features memories of a doll!

InSpired Sunday

We happened upon the church of St Mary at Lastingham a few years ago. Back in August there was a local art exhibition in Lastingham and whilst there  I couldn’t resist another visit to this ancient church.

14.8.14 008

When I say ancient, I mean it. The original church dates back to the 650s when it was established as a monastery by Cedd. Lets take a look inside

14.8.14 007

through the door

14.8.14 010

Before we go down those stairs in the middle of the picture, take a look up

14.8.14 012

I love the vaulted ceiling. Going down the stairs to the Norman crypt

14.8.14 013

14.8.14 014

the little altar at the far end.

14.8.14 016

where this is stored.

Coming back up

14.8.14 011

there’s the font and

14.8.14 009

and a plaque to a John Featherstone. Featherstone is such a common name in this area.

14.8.14 020

Here is a stone pulpit, I don’t think I have encountered many stone pulpits.

14.8.14 021

a blocked in arch way

14.8.14 019

the view looking towards the back of the church.

14.8.14 005

Back outside

14.8.14 023

there is this view up the hill

no wonder Bede wrote of this setting‘

amid some steep and remote hills which seemed better fitted for the haunts of robbers and the dens of wild beasts than for human habitation; so that, as Isaiah says, “In the Habitation where once dragons lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes”‘.

Hope you enjoyed this church. Linking with Inspired Sunday



Plumtastic or Plumtastropie?

Plumtastic! It has been a bumper plum year , in fact the last three years have been bumper plum years. We only just finished the plums in the freezer from 2012, so that’s all of 2013 still there for this winter. Which left this as a problem.

plums 09.2014 002

That’s what my plum tree looks like right now after I have given loads away and made lots of plummy goodness.

Plums like these

plums 09.2014 004

have become plum crumbles, plum cake

9.9.14 001

plum loaf which is a little weird

9.9.14 002

made as it is with a tub of cottage cheese. Then there was spiced plum chutney

3.9.14 003

which bubbled away for an hour or so to become a years supply

plum chutney 2014 001

so what do I do next?

We had a plumtastrophie this year because the tree was just  over laden with plums, look what happened

plums 09.2014 003

One snapped off branch and I think another has fallen too but I can’t tell because the rest of the tree gets in the way. So any thoughts on uses for plums or how to stop any more branches going the way of this one, next year? Please.

PS Neighbours and friends all have plums from us already.

Mouseman InSpiration

I loved this visit and I hope you do too. I visited a craft workshop and a  church in Kilburn. Why?

Well, Robert Thompson was a joiner and wheelwright working in Kilburn North Yorkshire. He was self taught and used the same tools and skills as medieval craftsman.  He started to make furniture in 1919. His symbol was a carved mouse.  The story goes that one of his craftsmen commented that they were poor as church mice, whereupon Robert carved a mouse on the church rafter he was working on, and the rest is history..

His workshop is still in existence with handcrafted items fetching prices ranging from £10,000 for a dresser to a napkin ring at £37. You can visit the workshop and see the craftsmen at work from a viewing gallery. Of course, what is really in demand are the original Robert Thompson pieces, which can be picked up from local antique shops and auction rooms, if you are lucky. Let’s go on the tour.

20.8.14 004

The workshop

20.8.14 006

the Showroom

And here is a mouse on a modern piece of furniture.

20.8.14 007


20.8.14 017

This is the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kilburn. It was built in 1120-1130, making it even older than Rievaulx Abbey and one of the oldest churches in the area. Inside there are plenty examples from Robert Thompson and his company .

20.8.14 009

These pews hide a number of mice if you look for them.

20.8.14 010

There’s one

20.8.14 012

And another

20.8.14 008

And another

20.8.14 013

that’s no mouse, how did he get in

20.8.14 016

another one

20.8.14 018

back outside I had a prowl around

20.8.14 019

loved the surname on this grave, I’ve heard of Green, Black, Brown, White and Grey as a surname but never a yellow.

20.8.14 022

Just outside was this war memorial

and nearby this looks pretty random unless you know what it was for

20.8.14 023

getting on a horse is my guess.

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