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InSpired Sunday!

I have come back to my own patch for this weeks Church. In fact I have spent August exploring the churches in the towns and villages in my area, and there are so many that I hadn’t visited before. I have had a splendid time. When I sat in this particular Church it really made me think that as a resource for time out, peace and tranquility, thinking space, as a nation we really do not utilize the Parish churches enough. Most of the ones I have visited have had just me there, and I have let the atmosphere just wash over me, leaving me at Peace with myself and God.

I just love visiting a new church, you just don’t know what you will find. Here comes this weeks, visited after a trip to the Solicitor’s office.

All Saints Church, Kirkbymoorside

Eastbourne etc july 14 001

And closer still

Eastbourne etc july 14 002


Eastbourne etc july 14 008

I just love stained glass windows

Eastbourne etc july 14 005

And this church had two delights.

Eastbourne etc july 14 004

That’s the church as it was in 1790 in stained glass

Eastbourne etc july 14 010

And this window depicts a chemist shop owned by the Wrothwell family who donated this window.

At the back of the church is this

Eastbourne etc july 14 006

staircase which goes up

Eastbourne etc july 14 007

and up,

Eastbourne etc july 14 009

and up.

Eastbourne etc july 14 011

and this staircase which goes to a room used a long time ago to accommodate the priest.

Eastbourne etc july 14 012

The little window over the porch is for this Priests chamber.

I explored the graveyard round the back.

Eastbourne etc july 14 014

Now I think it is a jolly nice that churches don’t cut all the grass  in order to encourage wildlife. But that doesn’t make it a wildlife garden  it can just make it an unkempt mess.

Eastbourne etc july 14 015

If you click on this picture you will see that under the weeds are graves. Imagine how you would feel if you had come to see a grave that was in this undergrowth.

Leave you with one final shot from the back of the churchyard.

Eastbourne etc july 14 016

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Comments on: "InSpired Sunday!" (8)

  1. That is a beautiful old church but the vicar wouldn’t want to be old and feeble if he had to climb those stairs every day. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. What a great place you found! I love the windows with the church and store. It does make you wonder about the graveyard, though.

  3. Very lovely! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. I love visiting churches in England. So much history and old architecture!

  5. I really agree with you about the graves covered with ivy. We used to visit our family’s graves each week or fortnightly (someone does use this word still!)in winter. The Churchyard grew more and more overgrown each year. A new Vicar managed to get permission to remove the stones and grass it all over. So our two plots – though well maintained were just obliterated. My poor Mum used to close her eyes when we drove past so as not to see people walking their dogs and kids playing football in the Churchyard. We could still mark out our plots by some old bushes they had left but it still rankles.

  6. gorgeous windows!!

    sorry i am late commenting … i have been away. ( :

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