Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Beachy Head

After Eastbourne we had time for just one more treat on the South Coast- a walk on Beachy Head.

Eastbourne etc july 14 052

Those white cliffs are just stunning and quintessentially England.

Eastbourne etc july 14 062

Is this the lighthouse at Beachy Head that the shipping forecast refers to? Or is it this one?

Eastbourne etc july 14 059

I loved the way people had written their names or messages in white pebbles. This is my favourite.

Eastbourne etc july 14 056

The wild flowers on the cliffs were beautiful and there were butterflies all over them I tries to take a Holly Blue but they were too quick for me.

Eastbourne etc july 14 054

Eastbourne etc july 14 063

Eastbourne etc july 14 065

Eastbourne etc july 14 067

There a browny orange butterfly/moth on this one. I wish I knew more about flower and insect identification.

Just time for lunch, at the appropriately named Holly Blue

Eastbourne etc july 14 069

Happy Summer Days!  And the sun has been shining here all day!!


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