Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


I am really tempted to say what summer as it has turned really chilly these last few days. I’m amazed we had such a great day out on Sunday. So hard to believe that at the beginning of August I had a lovely few days with my son Mr J and grandson Master H and took these pictures to prove we really did have some glorious sunny hot days…

Eastbourne etc july 14 017

Master H and bike down by the river just 25 days ago

Eastbourne etc july 14 020

Master H and fishing net at Frinton in Essex, 24 days ago. We didn’t catch fish but it made a top notch receptacle for pretty shells, pebbles and that most wonderful of treasures, washed glass.

Eastbourne etc july 14 028

Man training as Mr J calls all play with Master H- in this case civil engineering…

Eastbourne etc july 14 030

The tide came up whilst we were there and the moats and bridges worked perfectly.

Eastbourne etc july 14 032

This is just plain silly beggars- dig a hole bury child up to top of legs, pat down and leave…

Eastbourne etc july 14 036

then tip bucket of water over head.. child laughs uncontrollably and asks for more…

Eastbourne etc july 14 044

Eastbourne 23 days ago

Eastbourne etc july 14 047

My son must be totally bonkers.. BRRRRR

But not so ? as the hooligan who did this to the pier… sometime the week before we were there

Eastbourne etc july 14 051

Just WHY? One historic and beloved pier burned down on purpose.



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