Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

Knitting - aug 14 003

See that red box with the snowflakes on it ( Can’t resist keeping pretty boxes, always come in )? Inside there are the lovely wooly items for the Grange Range Yarn Bombing, Fantasy Gardens, to be delivered in person, tomorrow, providing the nice garage man has fixed my car, which is making rather a worrying NOISE. And once delivered I will share with everyone.

Meantime I am back to knitting for Master T and a winter jacket to keep him snug.

I found A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle, lurking in the bookcase,and decided it was time for a reread. I had forgotten how wonderful a book it was. Yet another book which transferred to television in one of the worst productions imaginable, miss cast for a start and for some unknown reason, all dialogue was translated to French and spoken by the wife and then translated back to English, which quite spoiled the flow of the original book. I was so disappointed with that programme. But the book is a good summer read. Is it still published I wonder?Just checked, it’s on Kindle, of course it is, silly me!!

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (2)

  1. I just love getting fiber love in the mail!

  2. wooly yarn packages are always the best!!!

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