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Stitching Journal- July

My family say I’m weird! Evidence-amongst other things- the photos I take. “Mum why are you taking THAT?” was (OK and is)  the frequent cry from the family. And the truth- hard to explain but some things do just appeal to me and yes I do take some strange pictures, but usually because deep inside me I know I want to embroider what I can see.

Like this

moss embroidery-july 14 006

No not the trees(this time), nor the light. But that gorgeous cushiony soft, soft soft MOSS. I love moss..here’s another

Dorset May 14 027


I hadn’t thought about how to tackle moss and was torn by two ideas. So it was back to basics with this project.

1 Collect images

moss July 14 002

Pin them on a board and think.

2 Paint- right so I can’t draw and I can’t paint very well, so I won’t inflict my sketch book on you.

3 Choose some fabric and paint a background. I used a small square of a cleaning sponge, which proved pretty effective

moss July 14 001

4 Spend hours choosing a variety of threads from the stash, and then some more hours thinking about stitches.

5 Take the plunge and start stitching

moss embroidery-july 14 001

The stitches are buttonhole wheels and couching and a bit of chain stitch

6 Keep going

moss embroidery-july 14 003

Adding bullion knots and a lot more button hole stitch not in a wheel but in straight lines

moss embroidery-july 14 004

7 keep adding more and more stitches, sometimes on top of each other and certainly overlapping to create texture.

8 Wonder what the … you are going to do with this.

9 Light bulb moment -cover a box.. only the fabric is too bulky. Decide to cover the box not inside the rim as the Seaside fantasy, but over the whole top

chair and chicken 004

10 Beginning by turning under a hem and stitch a border

moss embroidery-july 14 008

11 Tahdah!

moss embroidery-july 14 015

One moss inspired box, with moss in the garden

12 When husband asks you what it is and you say “why what do you think it is? Try not to over react when he says ” A mess”. Remember to say ” What do you think to Picasso?” And feel vindicated when he says ” Another mess”. And then ask him what he thinks to Jackson Pollock. And when he says “Who” , feel good.

moss embroidery-july 14 014

I like it but then I am a bit weird!! And I haven’t finished with moss yet a while.


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and Woolhogs made it challenge



Comments on: "Stitching Journal- July" (13)

  1. Cathy! I love moss too; the real kind and yours is amazing. Way to go with following through with your idea. Don’t let anyone stop you from creating what you want. 🙂 Hugs, Tamara

  2. The shapes look like macaroni cartwheels.

  3. I love moss too! I am forever pointing it out and feeling it and talking about it when we are in the woods. I love that you talked about your process and I am so impressed with all of your work! Well done.

  4. A mess???! A little poke in the ribs for that from me I think! Men huh!

    Superb, I love this, such a skilful piece of work. (Art actually.)

    • And thank you Rachel. Indeed he does deserve that poke in the ribs. And thank you for calling my work art. The stitched project is very near to my heart and who I am.

  5. It is a sphagnum moss covered stone! I can see it as clear as day! Men? Huh? I cycle through my forests to drink in the trees. I get it completely. You’ve brought it home with you.

    • Thank you for this comment. These pieces are so very personal to me, that I really appreciate every one taking time to comment. And that you felt I had brought the moss home with me, means such a lot.

  6. […] heavens for people like NanaCathy who bring us the world through different eyes. If that’s weird (according to her family) then […]

  7. NanaCathy, I LOVE your mind, your passion and your fabulous Moss Box! Thank you for entering The Made It xxx

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