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InSpired Sunday!

I have come back to my own patch for this weeks Church. In fact I have spent August exploring the churches in the towns and villages in my area, and there are so many that I hadn’t visited before. I have had a splendid time. When I sat in this particular Church it really made me think that as a resource for time out, peace and tranquility, thinking space, as a nation we really do not utilize the Parish churches enough. Most of the ones I have visited have had just me there, and I have let the atmosphere just wash over me, leaving me at Peace with myself and God.

I just love visiting a new church, you just don’t know what you will find. Here comes this weeks, visited after a trip to the Solicitor’s office.

All Saints Church, Kirkbymoorside

Eastbourne etc july 14 001

And closer still

Eastbourne etc july 14 002


Eastbourne etc july 14 008

I just love stained glass windows

Eastbourne etc july 14 005

And this church had two delights.

Eastbourne etc july 14 004

That’s the church as it was in 1790 in stained glass

Eastbourne etc july 14 010

And this window depicts a chemist shop owned by the Wrothwell family who donated this window.

At the back of the church is this

Eastbourne etc july 14 006

staircase which goes up

Eastbourne etc july 14 007

and up,

Eastbourne etc july 14 009

and up.

Eastbourne etc july 14 011

and this staircase which goes to a room used a long time ago to accommodate the priest.

Eastbourne etc july 14 012

The little window over the porch is for this Priests chamber.

I explored the graveyard round the back.

Eastbourne etc july 14 014

Now I think it is a jolly nice that churches don’t cut all the grass  in order to encourage wildlife. But that doesn’t make it a wildlife garden  it can just make it an unkempt mess.

Eastbourne etc july 14 015

If you click on this picture you will see that under the weeds are graves. Imagine how you would feel if you had come to see a grave that was in this undergrowth.

Leave you with one final shot from the back of the churchyard.

Eastbourne etc july 14 016

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Stitching Journal – August

I was attracted to the Stitching Journal  project by the idea of trying new techniques and my own ideas.I was unprepared for just how challenging that would be for me.

We all have to decide how much of what we blog is a “shop window” dressed up to show us off in a good light, and how much is the REAL ME?  We filter our own truth, but if we share something that means a lot to us and we have laboured over , then the real us will be there whether we like it or not. And if we let people see the real us, will we get a negative re action? Scary stuff.

Which is a very convoluted way of saying I really did not know whether I would share the piece I have been working on this month. But at the very least I want to be true to me so… and besides which, it is no big deal after all. Except to me it is, the whole stitching journal is a big deal to me. It has taken me out of my comfort zone.

Here’s what happened.

I had taken down all my moss inspiration pictures last month. Up on the board now are a set of pictures which mean a lot to me. I have already lived with them through August, frightened ,yes frightened on how to interpret this idea in stitch.  So I went back to moss having had two ideas of what I wanted to try, and had only tried one in July. This turned into quite a learning experience

I love moss, the way it looks, grows and the texture and it was the texture which was missing from my July piece. It wasn’t soft enough. So, I decided to make felt and stitch onto the felt. Here comes a frustrating part. I had attended felt workshops a couple of years ago, but needed to brush up my how to knowledge. Down to the library I went, yes I could have looked on the internet but a book is just, well more satisfactory. Only all the books they had had on felt had GONE, replaced with endless crochet toys books. Aaagh!  Big search back home  to locate the notes I had from the workshops. So far so good.

Next to the shop I knew sold wool for felt making- located within a craft workshop in a farm shop. Aaaagh! It had gone, replaced by a “Gift Shop” , the sort that sells Country style nic nacs all the way from China…

To the Internet, where I discovered Adelaide Walker and within a couple of days I had a lovely big bag of green merino wool for felt making. Five different shades of green. Perfect.

I could begin. If you have never made felt it is just lovely, bubble wrap, lots of hot water, soap and arm exercise. I had a really therapeutic Sunday afternoon.

20.8.14 001

That’s all the wool layered up ready to make felt. Bit of pink and yellow for litchen etc.. Artistic license

moors aug 14 002

The first bit was a bit flimsy, so I made another. Now what?  I wanted to manipulate it to give it the springy tussocky appearance of a mossy dell. But how? I searched through my books, my magazines , I came across a lot of articles showing what I wanted to do in calico but not in felt. I was on my own.

So I got a piece of calico and some wadding. I attached the flimsier piece to the calico so that it would fold over the second piece.

moors aug 14 004

Then I stuffed under some toy stuffing

Ellerburn Aug 14 003


and pinned it down.

Ellerburn Aug 14 004

And began to stitch it using ordinary sewing thread and running stitch.

moors aug 14 006

I decided to try some wrapping of thread using tapestry wool , to indicate tree roots.

Ellerburn Aug 14 005

And then I added some chain stitches using some wool from my stash

Ellerburn Aug 14 015

Lots of colours, very pretty, can’t say where I got it from I have had it so long.

Ellerburn Aug 14 014

Gradually ideas have begun to form in my head as to just what could be done by sculpturing felt. I am certain somewhere there must be a book about sculpturing with felt. It really does lend itself to being molded and manipulated.

Now I don’t need to show this to Mr E to be told it leaves a lot to be desired , which is why I had such reservations about posting this first attempt. And should I stop stitching on it… it just is so relaxing to stitch something so soft and so , well certainly not functional, but very tactile.

Ellerburn Aug 14 013

So there we have it -a first attempt at moss in felt…

I learned a lot about making felt- it takes much longer than you think to get it to felt and not to be economical with the wool.

I can see lots of possibilities for what I was trying to do, which needs more careful thought, I am not good at careful thought.

I like to have a practical use for things and probably should get over this, sometimes it is about the experience and the skill and not about a finished product. I should accept that I can’t do everything just the way I want it first time.

And this project is about challenging myself to find my own voice and sometimes it is going to be hard going.

So that’s my Stitching Project for August.

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Beachy Head

After Eastbourne we had time for just one more treat on the South Coast- a walk on Beachy Head.

Eastbourne etc july 14 052

Those white cliffs are just stunning and quintessentially England.

Eastbourne etc july 14 062

Is this the lighthouse at Beachy Head that the shipping forecast refers to? Or is it this one?

Eastbourne etc july 14 059

I loved the way people had written their names or messages in white pebbles. This is my favourite.

Eastbourne etc july 14 056

The wild flowers on the cliffs were beautiful and there were butterflies all over them I tries to take a Holly Blue but they were too quick for me.

Eastbourne etc july 14 054

Eastbourne etc july 14 063

Eastbourne etc july 14 065

Eastbourne etc july 14 067

There a browny orange butterfly/moth on this one. I wish I knew more about flower and insect identification.

Just time for lunch, at the appropriately named Holly Blue

Eastbourne etc july 14 069

Happy Summer Days!  And the sun has been shining here all day!!


I am really tempted to say what summer as it has turned really chilly these last few days. I’m amazed we had such a great day out on Sunday. So hard to believe that at the beginning of August I had a lovely few days with my son Mr J and grandson Master H and took these pictures to prove we really did have some glorious sunny hot days…

Eastbourne etc july 14 017

Master H and bike down by the river just 25 days ago

Eastbourne etc july 14 020

Master H and fishing net at Frinton in Essex, 24 days ago. We didn’t catch fish but it made a top notch receptacle for pretty shells, pebbles and that most wonderful of treasures, washed glass.

Eastbourne etc july 14 028

Man training as Mr J calls all play with Master H- in this case civil engineering…

Eastbourne etc july 14 030

The tide came up whilst we were there and the moats and bridges worked perfectly.

Eastbourne etc july 14 032

This is just plain silly beggars- dig a hole bury child up to top of legs, pat down and leave…

Eastbourne etc july 14 036

then tip bucket of water over head.. child laughs uncontrollably and asks for more…

Eastbourne etc july 14 044

Eastbourne 23 days ago

Eastbourne etc july 14 047

My son must be totally bonkers.. BRRRRR

But not so ? as the hooligan who did this to the pier… sometime the week before we were there

Eastbourne etc july 14 051

Just WHY? One historic and beloved pier burned down on purpose.


Back Yard Exploration!

The heather is out on the North York Moors in all its glory, and it being Bank Holiday weekend Mr E and I had a day out, exploring our own back yard, never getting further than 15 miles from home.

moors aug 14 008

The smell is just divine, imagine honey and then more honey and that’s how the moors smell at this time of year.

moors aug 14 013

This is Farndale, love the remains of the stone building in the background.

moors aug 14 015

And this would be Rosedale, looking beautiful and completely natural, look carefully for all round this Dale are the remains of

moors aug 14 016

a railway line which served the needs of the local iron industry. At one time Rosedale also had a glass blowing industry the furnace for which is in the Ryedale Folk museum, and from the talk at our Family History Group this week I hear that come this winter the glass furnace will feature in a programme made by the Countryfile team.

moors aug 14 021

My little camera tried as hard as it could to show the remains of the iron industry, which if you click on the picture itself you may be able to see.

moors aug 14 025

Scattered across the moors are waymarkers/crosses like this one. The Ralph Cross, now symbol of the park authority,is possibly 700 years old.

moors aug 14 028

This is Duck Bridge and is a medieval pack horse bridge, not wide enough for cars but just wide enough for a pack horse with fully laden paniers to pass over.

moors aug 14 030

Pretty narrow! Enough to perplex any sat nav- fortunately there is a ford just the other side. Here’s another..

moors aug 14 046

This one is called Beggars Bridge. The story is that a poor young man called Tom Ferris fell in love with The Squires’ daughter, Agnes. Tom went away to sea and wished to say Goodbye before he left, but couldn’t cross the river by the Ford as the river was in full spate. Four years later he returned a wealthy man, married his Agnes and built the Bridge so that no couple should ever be unable to see their loved one.

Just love these old tales.. Onwards

Hutton le hole Aug 14 013

Have to have a picture of sheep on the moors. The sheep know exactly which their bit of moor is and don’t stray, somehow the knowledge is passed onto the lambs by the ewes. You do have to drive with care as they wander onto the roads and into the villages. I don’t want to make this post too long but I have some super pictures of sheep for another post.

Hutton le hole Aug 14 015

So I will just leave as I began with the lovely heather on the moors- this taken near Hutton le Hole.

Hutton le hole Aug 14 014

Hope everyone in the UK enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend, and some managed to do some exploring in their own neighbourhood.


Yarn Along!

20.8.14 026How come I didn’t know there was a sequel to Chocolate? Thoroughly enjoying this book, and it is very hard not to cheat myself by reading the end when I am only half way through. I do like a happy ending…. please be a happy ending.

Still knitting the little jacket for Master T, back and two fronts finally finished. Note to self..if you keep sidetracking and doing too many things at once, you won’t finish anything. Does anyone else have this problem? I won’t believe anyone who says no….

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Homespun embroidered Rabbit.

Was it a mistake to start to buy the magazine Stitch again when I my interest in Embroidery was reawakened? I love the magazine and I love the way it inspires me. BUT I should I have allowed myself to be seduced by

14.8.14 031

him , in issue 88 April- May. I did resist him for as long as I could, but then I found some fabric in my stash and I was undone. Having selected some fabric it was time to design the parts I would be embroidering.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 001

That’s an ear. Then it was time to start stitching. The one in the magazine used 6 strands of thread to give a rustic look. Now I love rustic but 6 strands is beyond rustic! I went for three strands and a homespun look.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 002

I love the idea of using buttons in the centre of the flowers, and found 4 from my button stock. Oddly I have no yellow buttons, so that gives me a mission round the second hand shops.

Here’s a flower in detail. Buttonhole stitch and long stitch. Leaves are long and short stitch. Stem stick for the stems, and a few french knots and lazy daisy stitch thrown in for good measure.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 003

The rabbit in the magazine is made from Cath Kidston fabric and embroidered onto calico. My fabric was a curtain remnant and I embroidered onto curtain lining fabric.

14.8.14 025

After the embroidery comes the sewing bit. Pretty difficult as you have the ears and arms inside the body as you stitch up the rabbit. I can’t understand why I didn’t think to stuff the arms and ears after the construction which would have been much easier, but I went with the instructions.

14.8.14 027

See a pretty tight fit and on the sewing machine was hard.

14.8.14 028

Then you have to get the whole rabbit right side out…

14.8.14 029

Here he comes. Stuff the body and add the legs.

14.8.14 032

Nearly done just add a ribbon. Yes it’s from a chocolate rabbit, I can’t throw away a ribbon with a bell can I….

14.8.14 034

Ain’t he cute?

14.8.14 035

If you would like details of the magazine please go here. The project is by Deena Beverley

And what did Mr E think of him?  Well the rabbit sat all weekend on the sideboard without Mr E even noticing him…. and when I pointed him out ” Very nice!!” was the comment, no wonder I blog!!

So should I have resisted him- Glad I didn’t.What do you think?

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