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Taking Stock- July!

Gosh what a month! I have retired…bliss, bit of time for standing and staring! Yet I can’t believe how quick the weeks are filling up. So time to take stock, again.

Making. I finished the sundress for my beautiful grand daughter. And in spite of the tears I shed over the button holes, know what? It fits!! RESULT

Swindon July 2014 056

So I  am now finishing off the crochet blanket for Mr B and Ms G- on the final round right now. And then I am making some items for the Fantasy Garden yarn bombing. Which shall be secret till I get to deliver them in person next week, better get knitting ,chop chop.

Cooking. Mr E had a birthday, so a coffee and walnut cake , his favourite- sssshh I got some brownie points for this

moss embroidery-july 14 009

and also I made his favourite pudding, bilberry meringue pie

moss embroidery-july 14 010

more brownie points.

Drinking. First of all Mr E’s water kefir was DISGUSTING, but my elderflower cordial is great . And it is lemon tea time, made with Earl Grey, most refreshing

Reading. I found this book round at Dads. I had heard of it and thought it sounded boring, so quite what made me start reading and get hooked ( no pun intended) I can’t explain. By Paul Torbay , and now a film I recall, it is Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It reminds me a bit of the novels of David Lodge, who satirizes the world of academia. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is not a book about fishing, although of course salmon fishing is there, rather it is a comic novel about the machinations of public private enterprise, ridiculous politicians and their mandarins and hope. I am enjoying it, and as it appears as a series of emails, notes from meetings, diary entries, it is easy to pick up and put down.

Deciding. I have so many things I want to do right now, straight away it is hard to choose what to do. I am in danger of doing nothing whilst wanting to do everything. At the moment I have all the adult education courses to choose from, but how to narrow the search when there must be at least a dozen I’d like to try.

Watching. Currently watching The Mill on TV but not certain I am getting into it properly.Meantime it’s Bake Off next week. Whooh woo.

Feeling.Particularly bouncy today , Mum is on the mend and there is talk of her going home. And it’s nearly time to see Master H again. Excited, oh yes, can’t see grandchildren enough

Enjoying Lots, so here are two in one set of shots

Swindon July 2014 062

Strawberry picking with Master T

Swindon July 2014 063

Sorting More reason for feeling good, got to the end of Dads paper mountain yesterday.

Buying– I may need those brownie points, I bought a new maxi dress today on the off chance that we may actually after all be able to go abroad this year. It is rather nice.

Disliking. We live half a mile from a free range chicken farm and I really dislike the flies that we get each year from there. We have fly swots in each room and are given to singing Queen songs.. Another one bites the dust, and I am the champion. Yes we are sad enough to have fly swotting tallies. I know flies have a purpose in the great scheme of things but I would really like them to have it somewhere else.

On the whole feel more positive at the end of this month than I have for a while. And the sun is shining, and there are still bilberries in the woods, I have frozen three lots so far this summer. Here’s why

moss embroidery-july 14 011

So good.

Hope you have had a good month, please feel free to leave a link if you take stock

PS One of the courses I am thinking about is basic web design, I might go and learn how to improve this blog!!




Comments on: "Taking Stock- July!" (3)

  1. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a great book and for once the film isn’t too bad either. I am very envious about the coffee and walnut cake, it is my favourite too.

  2. I loved that book. Nice to read something completely unique. Sounds like you are enjoying the summer. 🙂

  3. I’ve read all or most of Paul Torday’s writing he was a fantastic storyteller. Try The Irresistable Inheritance of Wilberforce – I really liked it.
    Glad all is on the up.

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