Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

16.6.14 009

I have made excellent progress on the picnic blanket for Mr B and Ms G, very nearly there, which is just as well as I’d like to deliver it in person in a fortnights time.

It has left very little time for knitting Master T’s winter woolie, but I have half made something for the Fantasy garden yarnbomb

Still reading the Red Queen, Phillipa Gregory, enjoyable, but it is the same story told yet again, I am not certain that the tale of the war of the roses really warranted three/four books. They are all too similar.

Meantime today I got to grips with scary new sewing machine, I know it is nearly two years old, but it still scares me, had to resort to you tube for the buttonhole on the sun dress for Little Miss F.

16.6.14 008

And tomorrow I will cut the hole itself. Far too scary to do the same day I made it!! Pathetic I know.

Two more working days to go now, and then retirement, which is already filled with three weeks of activity. mostly at the other end of the country.

I sound happy, but its a front. Mum has had a stroke and is in hospital, so first thing to be done is the trek to Wales.

Hopefully she will be home soon. It’s not fair, the Alzheimer medicine was working so well, and we were so looking forward to a bit more quality time.

And meantime, ….. Dad did you really need to keep so many documents?? Still wading through them all.

Life has a strange way of going along doesn’t. What’s the quote from Hamlet?

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.

Hey ho, a day at a time, and thank goodness for Yarn I say

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (3)

  1. Yay, roll on 3 days time and happy retirement, although it doesn’t sound as though there will be much retiring to start with! Looking forward to seeing what you are creating for the yarn bombing. Yours excitedly The Grange Range.

  2. Fantastic blanket, I love the colours you’re using

  3. Beautiful colours in your blanket and I can relate to your fear of buttonholes, very scary!

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