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Taking Stock- July!

Gosh what a month! I have retired…bliss, bit of time for standing and staring! Yet I can’t believe how quick the weeks are filling up. So time to take stock, again.

Making. I finished the sundress for my beautiful grand daughter. And in spite of the tears I shed over the button holes, know what? It fits!! RESULT

Swindon July 2014 056

So I  am now finishing off the crochet blanket for Mr B and Ms G- on the final round right now. And then I am making some items for the Fantasy Garden yarn bombing. Which shall be secret till I get to deliver them in person next week, better get knitting ,chop chop.

Cooking. Mr E had a birthday, so a coffee and walnut cake , his favourite- sssshh I got some brownie points for this

moss embroidery-july 14 009

and also I made his favourite pudding, bilberry meringue pie

moss embroidery-july 14 010

more brownie points.

Drinking. First of all Mr E’s water kefir was DISGUSTING, but my elderflower cordial is great . And it is lemon tea time, made with Earl Grey, most refreshing

Reading. I found this book round at Dads. I had heard of it and thought it sounded boring, so quite what made me start reading and get hooked ( no pun intended) I can’t explain. By Paul Torbay , and now a film I recall, it is Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It reminds me a bit of the novels of David Lodge, who satirizes the world of academia. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is not a book about fishing, although of course salmon fishing is there, rather it is a comic novel about the machinations of public private enterprise, ridiculous politicians and their mandarins and hope. I am enjoying it, and as it appears as a series of emails, notes from meetings, diary entries, it is easy to pick up and put down.

Deciding. I have so many things I want to do right now, straight away it is hard to choose what to do. I am in danger of doing nothing whilst wanting to do everything. At the moment I have all the adult education courses to choose from, but how to narrow the search when there must be at least a dozen I’d like to try.

Watching. Currently watching The Mill on TV but not certain I am getting into it properly.Meantime it’s Bake Off next week. Whooh woo.

Feeling.Particularly bouncy today , Mum is on the mend and there is talk of her going home. And it’s nearly time to see Master H again. Excited, oh yes, can’t see grandchildren enough

Enjoying Lots, so here are two in one set of shots

Swindon July 2014 062

Strawberry picking with Master T

Swindon July 2014 063

Sorting More reason for feeling good, got to the end of Dads paper mountain yesterday.

Buying– I may need those brownie points, I bought a new maxi dress today on the off chance that we may actually after all be able to go abroad this year. It is rather nice.

Disliking. We live half a mile from a free range chicken farm and I really dislike the flies that we get each year from there. We have fly swots in each room and are given to singing Queen songs.. Another one bites the dust, and I am the champion. Yes we are sad enough to have fly swotting tallies. I know flies have a purpose in the great scheme of things but I would really like them to have it somewhere else.

On the whole feel more positive at the end of this month than I have for a while. And the sun is shining, and there are still bilberries in the woods, I have frozen three lots so far this summer. Here’s why

moss embroidery-july 14 011

So good.

Hope you have had a good month, please feel free to leave a link if you take stock

PS One of the courses I am thinking about is basic web design, I might go and learn how to improve this blog!!




Time to stand and stare!

The long hot days of summer are here, and I am  finally slowing  down to stand and stare.

16.6.14 007

Time to stand beneath the boughs (Pickering castle)

16.6.14 002

And  stare as long as

16.6.14 001

sheep and

Swindon July 2014 010


Swindon July 2014 011

to enjoy the view over Ryedale from

Swindon July 2014 006

this window.

So enjoying and realizing the importance of just slowing down, once in a while, to put life back in perspective.

Words taken from the poem Leisure by William Henry Davies

Lots more standing and staring to come….

Hope you are finding time to slow down and recharge your batteries. Does standing and staring do it for you too? Or do you need action all the way?

InSpired Sunday!

Coming today from St Catwg’s Church in Llangattock, Wales, where I just happened to be this week.

You approach the church through a field of horses.

Swindon July 2014 013

And across a nooky little bridge.

Swindon July 2014 014

To a gem of a church

Swindon July 2014 015

The parish is now relatively small but was once the focal point of a much larger one. This church was founded in the early part of the sixth century. Nothing of this early church remains. The tower is the oldest part and dates to the twelfth century.

Take a look inside.

Swindon July 2014 019

The font dates to the restoration of the church  in 1886.

Swindon July 2014 020

The sun was streaming through the windows and I couldn’t get a good shot, but I loved the altar.

Swindon July 2014 021

And I loved this depiction of the Last Supper.

But most surprising was this….

Swindon July 2014 022

Yup that is what you think it is Stocks and a whipping post on display in a church.

But the best was last.

Swindon July 2014 023

A nest of swallows in the church porch!

For more information on the church go here

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That was the week that was..

19.7.14 008

The week I said goodbye and retired.

19.7.14 004

And picked wild bilberries for Mr E’s favourite pudding for his birthday

19.7.14 002

And  when I plucked up courage to cut holes for buttons on the sun dress for my beautiful grand daughter

19.7.14 001

Just hope it fits!!  The best bit is the head band of which I am disproportionally proud

Have a great weekend.

Yarn Along!

16.6.14 009

I have made excellent progress on the picnic blanket for Mr B and Ms G, very nearly there, which is just as well as I’d like to deliver it in person in a fortnights time.

It has left very little time for knitting Master T’s winter woolie, but I have half made something for the Fantasy garden yarnbomb

Still reading the Red Queen, Phillipa Gregory, enjoyable, but it is the same story told yet again, I am not certain that the tale of the war of the roses really warranted three/four books. They are all too similar.

Meantime today I got to grips with scary new sewing machine, I know it is nearly two years old, but it still scares me, had to resort to you tube for the buttonhole on the sun dress for Little Miss F.

16.6.14 008

And tomorrow I will cut the hole itself. Far too scary to do the same day I made it!! Pathetic I know.

Two more working days to go now, and then retirement, which is already filled with three weeks of activity. mostly at the other end of the country.

I sound happy, but its a front. Mum has had a stroke and is in hospital, so first thing to be done is the trek to Wales.

Hopefully she will be home soon. It’s not fair, the Alzheimer medicine was working so well, and we were so looking forward to a bit more quality time.

And meantime, ….. Dad did you really need to keep so many documents?? Still wading through them all.

Life has a strange way of going along doesn’t. What’s the quote from Hamlet?

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.

Hey ho, a day at a time, and thank goodness for Yarn I say

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Yarn Along!

Some days I don’t know where I would be without knitting and a book to read.

moss July 14 003

Finally the library had The Red Queen , from the Plantagenet series, and the one I had most wanted to read. The best to last. This book is about the mother of Henry7th, who gave birth aged 13. Imagine! And what would we call such a thing nowadays, and quite right too.

Knitting is for Master T’s winter wardrobe.Can’t believe I just mentioned the W word. But that is on temporary hold as I yarn bomb for the Grange Range’s fantasy garden. So far no plants, but all gardens have mice and gnomes. Gnome pattern by Joyful Living. Mouse by the wonderful Jean Greenhowe.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

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