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Taking Stock- June

The end of another month, and a very sad one at that. Time to take stock again I think as Change is in the Air.

Making- two projects on the go right now- a little sun dress for Miss F, which I must get done this week or she won’t get to wear it much  at all, and the crochet picnic blanket for Mr B and Ms G.

Cooking- Strawberry shortcake. A little rustic looking, but oh so delicious.

29.6.14 003

Drinking- I made homemade Elderflower cordial and it is so good. Biggest problem was reaching the elderflowers which seemed to grow high up and in a bunch of nettles. Started a bit of a thing with Mr E ,who now has me making something called kefir. Will let you know if it is drinkable. Involves some weird crystals, a fig, a lemon and some sultanas? Quite fancy making some ginger beer. Or lemonade. Or both. Or sloe gin, in the right season…

Reading– Sadly this month my Dad died, and I miss him so much. He would have loved that strawberry shortcake.I keep thinking of things I must tell him, and then I remember.

However,Dad was a hoarder. BIG TIME. He could get more paper into a drawer, filing cabinet, suitcase than you could think possible.  Once out there is no chance of getting said papers back in.

I have the receipt for my first bycycle and for my brothers train set. I have letters my Mum wrote him. I have also the diary he kept and subsequently had typed up, from his war years. It is making fascinating reading and I wish he’d let me read it whilst he was alive. He was brave. He was shot. Friends died. And Dad got through it all by treating the whole thing as a Big Adventure.

He was in India most of the time. He had his 21st birthday there, having joined up aged 19. And whilst most people were celebrating VE day his troop was preparing to move into action in Burma. No celebrations there, and less than a month later he was injured. I have the telegram his Mother ( my most beloved Granny) was sent. Imagine how she felt.

What a wonderful document for us  to have been left. I feel so lucky that he took the trouble to leave this.

Meantime I have started to put together all these bits of paper which made up his life, into a file, explaining why I have selected each one and what they mean. And I have only just begun.

Wanting- the weather to improve, we have had so much rain and so many grey days. If only the sun would come out I could do some gardening. The weeds are like Triffids.

Looking– at the fluffy baby birds in the garden. I saw the smallest cutest robin yesterday.

Playing-  not much playing going on round here.

Deciding- Decided– I am retiring this month. Too much to do, too little time to do it. So excited.  Finally might get to Wales to see my Mum and the school hols coming up with grandchildren to visit. No regrets at all. YIPPEE!

Watching- For the purposes of Wimbledon, I am now Spanish. For the purposes of football, I am French!

Admiring- the clever clever ladies in the Stitching Project- do check them out in my Stitching Project post.

Sorting- PAPER and quite a bit more Paper

Bookmarking- I think the best way to feel better is to do something for someone, that way they benefit and I benefit. So I am helping to create a fantasy garden in a doctors surgery in wool. And I will be able to deliver my humble contribution in person. So here bookmarked is The Grange Range. 

Dislike-Greed and people who say they will do something and then expect someone else to do it.

Snacking- Strawberries, raspberries and peaches. DIVINE

Hearing- still listen to radio 4 when I can’t sleep. I love the Tweet for today (bird song!)  and on a Sunday Bells for Today. I love the sound of church bells.  This morning the bells came from Leeds- the same bells as will ring when the Tour de France passes by next week.Hope you haven’t missed that this illustrious cycle race is starting in Yorkshire.

Smelling- the lavender in my garden is right for picking. Please don’t rain tonight. Please let me get it picked tomorrow morning.


Hope you have had a good month, if you are taking stock too please leave a link,if you’d like too.

I will leave you with the flowers I picked from Dad’s garden.

29.6.14 002

And the poem that meant so much  this month
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there.I did not die.





Comments on: "Taking Stock- June" (12)

  1. A beautiful post but such a sad time for you. Your dad sounds like he was a special man. I hope you are finding some escape and peace in your cooking, reading and craft. Take care x

  2. I’m loving your ‘taking stock’ posts. They always leave me thinking afterwards. Hope each day is becoming a little less painful.
    Congratulations on your retirement decision. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in your new ‘spare time’. Ha!

  3. Such an interesting post, sad but honest. I’ve read the paper / diary part out which prompted quite a discussion. Then the T de France too. So many bloggers in Yorkshire are excited about it, it’s great that it’s not all London or Southern centric.

    Hugs to you xx

  4. Well done on deciding to retire – Wales is looking forward to greeting you… hopefully the glorious weather we have been having will continue for your visit. Do call in for a cuppa if you make it as far as Aberaeron!

    • Destination- Brecon Beacons, but sure would call for that cuppa if I get to the coast. Mr T was at Aberystwyth uni!

  5. It sounds as though gathering up all the bit so paper into a file will be a long job, but I hope will bring some comfort as well. Isn’t it strange that we find out so much about our parents after they’ve died? While it can be rather marvelous to discover unknown experiences, it does leave lots of unanswered questions.
    I hope you haven’t missed that the Tour de France comes through Essex too! The best thing about it, is that we now have some beautifully resurfaced roads.

  6. So much to say having read through your post. The strawberry shortcake looks scruptious, I want to bite into the screen. Congrat’s on youe decision to retire, why not I say I am sure you deserve some time to do what you want and explore more of your crafting expertise. Sorry about your loss, there is something quite comforting about going through a loved ones possesions, you learn so much about them that you wish you had known before their passing so we could have talked to them about it and learned more. The closing poem is beautiful and I am sure will touch many others. Thank you for linking to the Charity Yarn Bombing project and spreading the word.

  7. Hi Cathy! I loved reading all about your wants, likes, dislikes, and I especially love the history organization that you are creating for your family and the poem is one of my favorites for sure. Love and Big ((((Hugs)))! Tamara

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