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Stitching Project- June

I was lucky that I had cracked on ( no pun intended!!) and started my June  stitching project at the end of May, or I wouldn’t be able to post this today.

This month I decided to have a go at a technique I have hardly tried before. Applique. And for some reason I decided to do a Funky Chicken.

When I did my City and Guilds Creative Embroidery course I was told I was at a disadvantage, but not an insurmountable one. I can’t draw. Well I can produce a credible stick person and seagull flying in the distance, but that’s about it. The answer is tracing, photocopying, collage, abstracts, in general getting help from wherever I can. And in this case, scaling down a wall hanging chicken from a magazine circa 1998, changing the colours and fabric, and making it my own. And turning it into a cushion. The applique is felt and the background fabric is a fat quarter  and the edge and back of the cushion is a remnant  , all from  the fabric stash.


Nunnigton Hall June 14 001

But then I didn’t like it on this chair. So finally I plucked up courage and dug this chair from the back of the wood store, originally purchased at a car boot sale by Mr E as a useful chair for standing on.

chair and chicken 001

And then I bought a tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax( incredibly stocked in a shop in Pickering). And together they look like this.

chair and chicken 002

What do you think?

Meantime I decided that my May project, seascape fantasy deserved finishing off properly.

chair and chicken 004

On a box of its own with a home made cord round the top. No idea what to do with the box now, any ideas?


Joining with Lola


Comments on: "Stitching Project- June" (16)

  1. He’s a rather magnificent creature. Obviously you don’t need to be able to draw. I like the spruced up chair. Isn’t it funny how that shape has come back into fashion again and gone from looking so old fashioned to sleek and modern?

  2. I love your seascape box… no idea what to do with it, but it’s beautiful. And, of course, I’m a sucker for a chicken – my word, he is a handsome follow!

  3. Love your cockerel! I can’t draw either 😉

  4. Hi Cathy! I love your rooster it reminds me of the one that lives at my Moms house, walking all cocky!!!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

  5. A really magnificent chicken or is it a cockerel? So ‘cottagy’ (is there such a word?) on that chair. And your box is so beautiful. Maybe all you need to do is put it somewhere you can look at it.

  6. Brilliant! I’m not much good at drawing myself, so I have taught myself a few tricks over the years. I love your cushion, working with felt is one of my favorite mediums. So impressed with all you accomplished. Your box could hold buttons, thread, or a collection of seashells. Your first applique is wonderful!

  7. Your cushion looks great on that chair! Do you have a favourite beach? Depending on how large the box is, you could put some sand in it from that beach?

  8. He looks very proud strutting his stuff across his beautifully rebfurbished chair. The seascape box is so stunning to look at, does it really have to have a use?

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