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Stitching Project- June

I was lucky that I had cracked on ( no pun intended!!) and started my June  stitching project at the end of May, or I wouldn’t be able to post this today.

This month I decided to have a go at a technique I have hardly tried before. Applique. And for some reason I decided to do a Funky Chicken.

When I did my City and Guilds Creative Embroidery course I was told I was at a disadvantage, but not an insurmountable one. I can’t draw. Well I can produce a credible stick person and seagull flying in the distance, but that’s about it. The answer is tracing, photocopying, collage, abstracts, in general getting help from wherever I can. And in this case, scaling down a wall hanging chicken from a magazine circa 1998, changing the colours and fabric, and making it my own. And turning it into a cushion. The applique is felt and the background fabric is a fat quarter  and the edge and back of the cushion is a remnant  , all from  the fabric stash.


Nunnigton Hall June 14 001

But then I didn’t like it on this chair. So finally I plucked up courage and dug this chair from the back of the wood store, originally purchased at a car boot sale by Mr E as a useful chair for standing on.

chair and chicken 001

And then I bought a tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax( incredibly stocked in a shop in Pickering). And together they look like this.

chair and chicken 002

What do you think?

Meantime I decided that my May project, seascape fantasy deserved finishing off properly.

chair and chicken 004

On a box of its own with a home made cord round the top. No idea what to do with the box now, any ideas?


Joining with Lola


Comments on: "Stitching Project- June" (16)

  1. He looks very proud strutting his stuff across his beautifully rebfurbished chair. The seascape box is so stunning to look at, does it really have to have a use?

  2. Your cushion looks great on that chair! Do you have a favourite beach? Depending on how large the box is, you could put some sand in it from that beach?

  3. Brilliant! I’m not much good at drawing myself, so I have taught myself a few tricks over the years. I love your cushion, working with felt is one of my favorite mediums. So impressed with all you accomplished. Your box could hold buttons, thread, or a collection of seashells. Your first applique is wonderful!

  4. A really magnificent chicken or is it a cockerel? So ‘cottagy’ (is there such a word?) on that chair. And your box is so beautiful. Maybe all you need to do is put it somewhere you can look at it.

  5. Hi Cathy! I love your rooster it reminds me of the one that lives at my Moms house, walking all cocky!!!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

  6. Love your cockerel! I can’t draw either 😉

  7. I love your seascape box… no idea what to do with it, but it’s beautiful. And, of course, I’m a sucker for a chicken – my word, he is a handsome follow!

  8. He’s a rather magnificent creature. Obviously you don’t need to be able to draw. I like the spruced up chair. Isn’t it funny how that shape has come back into fashion again and gone from looking so old fashioned to sleek and modern?

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