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Walking with grief

I was given this poem by Jo the lovely vicar at Thornton Dale.

Walking with grief

Do not hurry
as you walk with grief
it does not help the journey.

Walk slowly,
pausing often.
Do not hurry
as you walk with grief.

Be not disturbed
by memories that come unbidden.
Swiftly forgive
and let Christ speak for you
unspoken words.
Unfinished conversations
will be resolved by him.
Be not disturbed…

Be gentle with the one
who walks with grief;
If it is you,
be gentle with yourself.
Swiftly forgive,
walk slowly,
pausing often.

Take time, be gentle
as you walk with grief

Celtic night prayer




Getting there, thank you for all the lovely comments in my last post.

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Comments on: "Walking with grief" (6)

  1. Hello, I have just began to follow your blog (linked by the Fantasy Garden Lady who mentioned we all lived in much the same location. I am down the coast at Brid) I am so sorry about your Dad. We all grieve differently for me it is not anniversaries or Christmas that are hard. It is when I want to share a view, song, joke or even food. It is a lovely poem and however you do it do it your way at your own pace. And be kind to yourself, we often care for others but forget ourselves.

  2. That poem is like being given permission to grief in your own good time. Wonderful.

  3. Such a beautiful poem and so true, greif is a very personal thing and everyone deals with it in their own way but one thing that is the same for all is that it cannot be hurried so you must take your time.

  4. Beautiful post! So much truth in that poem. May God comfort you as you walk through grief.

  5. Afraid I never got to the bottom of your last post. So sorry to hear about your dad. Lovely poem, good advice, Thinking of you.

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