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Taking Stock, May

It really seems to help me to take stock once a month, to get things back in perspective and sort out the brain- imagine the cat got 6 balls of yarn and had a jolly good play, that’s what I feel like some days. So here goes again.

Making- I have started too many things this weekend- sewing, embroidery and knitting all on the go, craziness.

Cooking- the rhubarb is coming to an end now, made a Delicious rhubarb and ginger sticky cake, just by adding one roughly chopped piece of stem ginger to my usual recipe. And on Sunday I made apple and fig crumble. I had spotted this on a restaurant menu recently but was too full after the main course for pudding, which is a disaster for me. Pudding is the best bit as far as I am concerned. After checking out a few recipes on the Internet, I added 4 pre-soaked dried figs which I chopped up  to my usual apple mix, and the result was pretty yum.

Drinking- Mango juice is SO  last month- it’s all about pineapple and coconut juice now.

Reading- my favourite magazine- Stitch- all about creative embroidery

Wanting- more hours in the day, or less hours asleep, as I get older I need more sleep, this isn’t right, I am spending 8 hours a night asleep. Too many. I like a good nights sleep but this is getting ridiculous

Looking- loving my front garden at the moment… wait I’ll take a picture for you

1.6.14 001

Playing- I always fall short on this one, but I plan on doing some bubble painting this week- there is a reason

Deciding-on when to put our house or even if we will put the house on the market. Waiting for the London price bubble to come North so we can go South.

Wishing-Mr T starts a new job this week- wishing my son well.

Liking- oh the hotter days, here’s to a lovely summer

Pondering- turning over in my mind my next stitching project

Considering-trying to resuscitate an old chair with Chalk Paint

Watching- The series Happy Valley has got us gripped, wish they could make good dramas that weren’t quite so violent.

Oh Downton Abbey- quite right too, when is that back?

Hoping- the sun shines tomorrow, and the next day and the next day..

Marveling- how sometimes what you need most just happens,like an old family friend telling me to visit her for a hug when I need one. Have a feeling I will be needing one soon now. And another friend in Sussex getting back in touch and helping me through these days.

Needing- right, well what I need right now would be too vulgar to type so instead, I will just go…

Knowing- that I am a lucky person, I have a nice home, good friends and a wonderful family and I live in a beautiful part of the country.

Thinking- all the time about my Dad who is now very poorly and is in the local hospice. It is a brilliant place, the staff are so kind to him , he has a lovely room and it is as good as it could be.

Feeling- a little numb about it all. And I miss him so much on Sundays when he used to come for his lunch regular as clockwork. Sundays just aren’t the same.


Sorting- the centre flower border in the back garden, cutting back the bluebells and forget me knots ready for summer planting.

Buying- oh so naughty- some fabric( For a sun dress for Little Miss F) and some wool ( picnic blanket for Mr B and Ms G). I know I have lots of fabric and wool, but special projects need special materials.

Getting-scared, how will I find life without a Dad?

Bookmarking- this month I want to share http://bugsbeetlesandbarefootdays.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/come-to-county-show-with-me

All about County shows, which I love

Disliking- the lorry drivers on the A1 who are just  inconsiderate and aggressive . Don’t get me started!!

Opening- well I will be opening the pattern for the sun dress, super scary as I don’t feel confident about what I am doing at all, and scary new sewing machine will be coming out to play too.

Giggling-Do you watch the Drama channel, are you familiar with that Colin in the Warner Hotels ads.  They make us laugh!! Sometimes a little close to home when I try to Gee up Mr E some days.

Feeling- I have had a horrid cold and cough this week, my eye got an infection, all better now except my left ear appears to be full of cotton wool, I can’t hear a thing, and Olive Oil has not helped, just burnt me and made a mess. And mechanical noises like the ones this computer makes are really distorted and weird.

Snacking- ok so its fig rolls now

Coveting- a new super whizzy food processor. Like they have on Bake Off. I need a pale green one

Wishing- on the plus side My Mum’s medication has worked a treat, her memory may not be much better but her mood is. Wishing she stays this way for a good long while.

Helping- Mr E to put his stuff in the Attic- Out of sight is better than in sight. Off for re cycling would be better…

Hearing- precious little at the moment

Smelling- the lovely Mock Orange in the garden

Wearing- my lovely old comfy denim dress and Bare Legs, whoopee for Summer

Noticing- the days are getting really long now

Enjoying- sunshine, and the little things in life, a day at a time

Waiting- for my XXXXX Ear to POP!

Thanks for reading, love to have your comments and if you take stock, please leave a link if you like.

I wrote this late on Sunday night for posting on Monday.

God bless my Dad who passed away on Monday.









Comments on: "Taking Stock, May" (8)

  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Big hugs to you xxx

  2. I have only just seen this and am so very sorry for you loss xxx

  3. Much love – I lost my dad just three months ago… it does get easier, but there is a big hole.x

  4. Oh Cathy! I am so sorry for your loss; I have tears welling up in my eyes as I can feel your pain. I am sending special hugs all the way from Wichita, Kansas. (((HUGS))) Everyone needs a hug now and then. Love, Tamara

  5. Sending you heartfelt hugs from Wakefield. So sorry to hear about your dad passing away. Take good care of yourself. One day at a time. xx

  6. What a lovely rendition of your May, So sorry to hear your sad news about your Dad, it is hard to imagine how life will shape up after losing a parent. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sorrowful time

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. Love to you and your family. x

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss Nana C. Big hugs sent across the ether to you. XX

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