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Taking Stock- June

The end of another month, and a very sad one at that. Time to take stock again I think as Change is in the Air.

Making- two projects on the go right now- a little sun dress for Miss F, which I must get done this week or she won’t get to wear it much  at all, and the crochet picnic blanket for Mr B and Ms G.

Cooking- Strawberry shortcake. A little rustic looking, but oh so delicious.

29.6.14 003

Drinking- I made homemade Elderflower cordial and it is so good. Biggest problem was reaching the elderflowers which seemed to grow high up and in a bunch of nettles. Started a bit of a thing with Mr E ,who now has me making something called kefir. Will let you know if it is drinkable. Involves some weird crystals, a fig, a lemon and some sultanas? Quite fancy making some ginger beer. Or lemonade. Or both. Or sloe gin, in the right season…

Reading– Sadly this month my Dad died, and I miss him so much. He would have loved that strawberry shortcake.I keep thinking of things I must tell him, and then I remember.

However,Dad was a hoarder. BIG TIME. He could get more paper into a drawer, filing cabinet, suitcase than you could think possible.  Once out there is no chance of getting said papers back in.

I have the receipt for my first bycycle and for my brothers train set. I have letters my Mum wrote him. I have also the diary he kept and subsequently had typed up, from his war years. It is making fascinating reading and I wish he’d let me read it whilst he was alive. He was brave. He was shot. Friends died. And Dad got through it all by treating the whole thing as a Big Adventure.

He was in India most of the time. He had his 21st birthday there, having joined up aged 19. And whilst most people were celebrating VE day his troop was preparing to move into action in Burma. No celebrations there, and less than a month later he was injured. I have the telegram his Mother ( my most beloved Granny) was sent. Imagine how she felt.

What a wonderful document for us  to have been left. I feel so lucky that he took the trouble to leave this.

Meantime I have started to put together all these bits of paper which made up his life, into a file, explaining why I have selected each one and what they mean. And I have only just begun.

Wanting- the weather to improve, we have had so much rain and so many grey days. If only the sun would come out I could do some gardening. The weeds are like Triffids.

Looking– at the fluffy baby birds in the garden. I saw the smallest cutest robin yesterday.

Playing-  not much playing going on round here.

Deciding- Decided– I am retiring this month. Too much to do, too little time to do it. So excited.  Finally might get to Wales to see my Mum and the school hols coming up with grandchildren to visit. No regrets at all. YIPPEE!

Watching- For the purposes of Wimbledon, I am now Spanish. For the purposes of football, I am French!

Admiring- the clever clever ladies in the Stitching Project- do check them out in my Stitching Project post.

Sorting- PAPER and quite a bit more Paper

Bookmarking- I think the best way to feel better is to do something for someone, that way they benefit and I benefit. So I am helping to create a fantasy garden in a doctors surgery in wool. And I will be able to deliver my humble contribution in person. So here bookmarked is The Grange Range. 

Dislike-Greed and people who say they will do something and then expect someone else to do it.

Snacking- Strawberries, raspberries and peaches. DIVINE

Hearing- still listen to radio 4 when I can’t sleep. I love the Tweet for today (bird song!)  and on a Sunday Bells for Today. I love the sound of church bells.  This morning the bells came from Leeds- the same bells as will ring when the Tour de France passes by next week.Hope you haven’t missed that this illustrious cycle race is starting in Yorkshire.

Smelling- the lavender in my garden is right for picking. Please don’t rain tonight. Please let me get it picked tomorrow morning.


Hope you have had a good month, if you are taking stock too please leave a link,if you’d like too.

I will leave you with the flowers I picked from Dad’s garden.

29.6.14 002

And the poem that meant so much  this month
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there.I did not die.





InSpired Sunday!

These pictures were taken back in Spring when we had our day out to Rievaulx Terrace. From here you get an unexpected view of the ruins of the Abbey.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 018

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 015

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 013

And the more usual view from a visit a couple of years ago.

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Stitching Project- June

I was lucky that I had cracked on ( no pun intended!!) and started my June  stitching project at the end of May, or I wouldn’t be able to post this today.

This month I decided to have a go at a technique I have hardly tried before. Applique. And for some reason I decided to do a Funky Chicken.

When I did my City and Guilds Creative Embroidery course I was told I was at a disadvantage, but not an insurmountable one. I can’t draw. Well I can produce a credible stick person and seagull flying in the distance, but that’s about it. The answer is tracing, photocopying, collage, abstracts, in general getting help from wherever I can. And in this case, scaling down a wall hanging chicken from a magazine circa 1998, changing the colours and fabric, and making it my own. And turning it into a cushion. The applique is felt and the background fabric is a fat quarter  and the edge and back of the cushion is a remnant  , all from  the fabric stash.


Nunnigton Hall June 14 001

But then I didn’t like it on this chair. So finally I plucked up courage and dug this chair from the back of the wood store, originally purchased at a car boot sale by Mr E as a useful chair for standing on.

chair and chicken 001

And then I bought a tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax( incredibly stocked in a shop in Pickering). And together they look like this.

chair and chicken 002

What do you think?

Meantime I decided that my May project, seascape fantasy deserved finishing off properly.

chair and chicken 004

On a box of its own with a home made cord round the top. No idea what to do with the box now, any ideas?


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InSpired Sunday!

I do not like going to the dentist. Sorry dentists everywhere, but child hood traumas and a fear of injections make such visits a real ordeal. So I give myself a little treat for on the way home. I have a picnic near.. but I forgot to take a picture and will save that place for another day. And further on,I visit this church to restore my equilibrium.

langton church 013

St Andrews Church in the village of Langton. Langton is a tiny village. There is still a small village school, but no shop or pub. The whole village grew up around the big house, which most recently has been a school too, but closed in 2012. So the church has little money and is simplicity itself inside.

langton church 015

However there is a fine window above the altar

langton church 017

And then there is this tomb to Mary Ingram who died giving birth to twins.

langton church 016

Not quite what you expect in this little church!

I love the peace and quiet here.

langton church 019

The view from the church yard across the Yorkshire wolds says it all.

langton church 020

And I love the way that the churchyard is left in part for nature.

Sorry about the quality of the pics, they were taken on my mobile phone.  More on the church here

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Keep Calm, craft on!

I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post. Your kindness helps me along the way.

We all grieve in our own way and for me there have been times for reflection, for sorrow, for laughs at happy memories and for a need to keep busy. Gardening is great , but we have had such horrid wet days recently that I am so grateful that I craft. I found two craft projects have really helped me these last two weeks. One project was half done and required concentration but not thought, more of that another day.

The other is the simplest of crochet projects. Mr B and Ms G are using their new found transport to explore their area and enjoy picnics, and no couple should be without their own special blanket for under the trees. I offered to make them a crochet blanket and they said Yes Please…. unlike the bad baby and the elephant…

I consulted them as to colour. Mr B said Yellow and Blue…football team colours. Ms G said Pink. So yellow, blue and pink it is. A simple granny square, no thought needed , just the comfort of yarn in my hands and a creation from love.

17.6.14 004

Now the question is, Is that ball of pink yarn too pink for inclusion. The blue is very dark navy.

And finally some good news. My niece is expecting Baby Three, I could not be more happier.

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Walking with grief

I was given this poem by Jo the lovely vicar at Thornton Dale.

Walking with grief

Do not hurry
as you walk with grief
it does not help the journey.

Walk slowly,
pausing often.
Do not hurry
as you walk with grief.

Be not disturbed
by memories that come unbidden.
Swiftly forgive
and let Christ speak for you
unspoken words.
Unfinished conversations
will be resolved by him.
Be not disturbed…

Be gentle with the one
who walks with grief;
If it is you,
be gentle with yourself.
Swiftly forgive,
walk slowly,
pausing often.

Take time, be gentle
as you walk with grief

Celtic night prayer




Getting there, thank you for all the lovely comments in my last post.

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Taking Stock, May

It really seems to help me to take stock once a month, to get things back in perspective and sort out the brain- imagine the cat got 6 balls of yarn and had a jolly good play, that’s what I feel like some days. So here goes again.

Making- I have started too many things this weekend- sewing, embroidery and knitting all on the go, craziness.

Cooking- the rhubarb is coming to an end now, made a Delicious rhubarb and ginger sticky cake, just by adding one roughly chopped piece of stem ginger to my usual recipe. And on Sunday I made apple and fig crumble. I had spotted this on a restaurant menu recently but was too full after the main course for pudding, which is a disaster for me. Pudding is the best bit as far as I am concerned. After checking out a few recipes on the Internet, I added 4 pre-soaked dried figs which I chopped up  to my usual apple mix, and the result was pretty yum.

Drinking- Mango juice is SO  last month- it’s all about pineapple and coconut juice now.

Reading- my favourite magazine- Stitch- all about creative embroidery

Wanting- more hours in the day, or less hours asleep, as I get older I need more sleep, this isn’t right, I am spending 8 hours a night asleep. Too many. I like a good nights sleep but this is getting ridiculous

Looking- loving my front garden at the moment… wait I’ll take a picture for you

1.6.14 001

Playing- I always fall short on this one, but I plan on doing some bubble painting this week- there is a reason

Deciding-on when to put our house or even if we will put the house on the market. Waiting for the London price bubble to come North so we can go South.

Wishing-Mr T starts a new job this week- wishing my son well.

Liking- oh the hotter days, here’s to a lovely summer

Pondering- turning over in my mind my next stitching project

Considering-trying to resuscitate an old chair with Chalk Paint

Watching- The series Happy Valley has got us gripped, wish they could make good dramas that weren’t quite so violent.

Oh Downton Abbey- quite right too, when is that back?

Hoping- the sun shines tomorrow, and the next day and the next day..

Marveling- how sometimes what you need most just happens,like an old family friend telling me to visit her for a hug when I need one. Have a feeling I will be needing one soon now. And another friend in Sussex getting back in touch and helping me through these days.

Needing- right, well what I need right now would be too vulgar to type so instead, I will just go…

Knowing- that I am a lucky person, I have a nice home, good friends and a wonderful family and I live in a beautiful part of the country.

Thinking- all the time about my Dad who is now very poorly and is in the local hospice. It is a brilliant place, the staff are so kind to him , he has a lovely room and it is as good as it could be.

Feeling- a little numb about it all. And I miss him so much on Sundays when he used to come for his lunch regular as clockwork. Sundays just aren’t the same.


Sorting- the centre flower border in the back garden, cutting back the bluebells and forget me knots ready for summer planting.

Buying- oh so naughty- some fabric( For a sun dress for Little Miss F) and some wool ( picnic blanket for Mr B and Ms G). I know I have lots of fabric and wool, but special projects need special materials.

Getting-scared, how will I find life without a Dad?

Bookmarking- this month I want to share http://bugsbeetlesandbarefootdays.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/come-to-county-show-with-me

All about County shows, which I love

Disliking- the lorry drivers on the A1 who are just  inconsiderate and aggressive . Don’t get me started!!

Opening- well I will be opening the pattern for the sun dress, super scary as I don’t feel confident about what I am doing at all, and scary new sewing machine will be coming out to play too.

Giggling-Do you watch the Drama channel, are you familiar with that Colin in the Warner Hotels ads.  They make us laugh!! Sometimes a little close to home when I try to Gee up Mr E some days.

Feeling- I have had a horrid cold and cough this week, my eye got an infection, all better now except my left ear appears to be full of cotton wool, I can’t hear a thing, and Olive Oil has not helped, just burnt me and made a mess. And mechanical noises like the ones this computer makes are really distorted and weird.

Snacking- ok so its fig rolls now

Coveting- a new super whizzy food processor. Like they have on Bake Off. I need a pale green one

Wishing- on the plus side My Mum’s medication has worked a treat, her memory may not be much better but her mood is. Wishing she stays this way for a good long while.

Helping- Mr E to put his stuff in the Attic- Out of sight is better than in sight. Off for re cycling would be better…

Hearing- precious little at the moment

Smelling- the lovely Mock Orange in the garden

Wearing- my lovely old comfy denim dress and Bare Legs, whoopee for Summer

Noticing- the days are getting really long now

Enjoying- sunshine, and the little things in life, a day at a time

Waiting- for my XXXXX Ear to POP!

Thanks for reading, love to have your comments and if you take stock, please leave a link if you like.

I wrote this late on Sunday night for posting on Monday.

God bless my Dad who passed away on Monday.








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