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Taking Stock- April

It’s about a month since I took stock, and a lot happened- Easter, niece and family visiting, Mr E back home, so time to take stock again.

Making- am knitting a lovely little something for Miss F but also well on with my next piece for the stitching project, which has made me so happy.

Cooking- am researching recipes for fig and apple crumble, does anyone have a good one.

Drinking- mango juice-WHY? Can’t walk past it in a supermarket without buying and then drinking it!

Reading- The Sea Wolf by Jack London- brilliant book, but also my latest copy of my local family history group magazine.

Wanting- my Dad to get over his chest infection, improve his mobility so he can go home

Looking- at the flippin’  bind weed which just keeps on coming up in the garden.

Playing- with lots of fabric and threads dreaming up new projects

Deciding- do we really want to move house

Wishing- the fog would lift and the sun come out before I go to work today

Liking-mango juice???

Pondering- should I retire next year?

Considering- the cross roads of life and the decisions we make- anyone seen the play Dangerous Corner?

Watching- the weeds grow, especially the bind weed

Hoping- for a lovely sunny evening on Sunday 4 May

Marveling- at the joy that children bring, so happy and joyful at the littlest things. Like this.

26.2.14 005

Master T loved this paper napkin at Easter. “A treasure map” he cried and “All I need is a hat, my wellie boots and a smelly sock!!!”

Needing- to have some time to think, so much doing and not enough thinking

Knowing- I need to make a pot of coffee right now.

Well that was nice..

Thinking- how do people juggle all the demands that others put on them- each one reasonable by itself but collectively unreasonable, how to say No, and what to say it to

Feeling- still on the overwhelmed side

Admiring- I think the person I most admired this month is the lady who has taken on the cause of the Hillsborough victims.

Sorting- oh please let me have strength and the will to sort out the garage- what is that rubbish??

Buying-mango juice

Getting- lots of good nights sleep- ten on the trot- it’s brilliant, you really can’t beat a good nights sleep

Bookmarking – Lola nova for the stitching project- do check her out

Disliking- I have 24 hour TV news on at work in the reception area I work in and I really dislike the way the journalists get so over excited by breaking bad news, it is so distasteful

Opening- can’t get my Dad to open his post whilst he’s in hospital and it is bothering me no end

Giggling- oh at the antics of grandchildren and great nieces, three year olds are the just the tops

Feeling- calmer these days but I find all these decisions very unsettling

Snacking- chocolate Easter eggs

Coveting- non fattening chocolate, why has no-one invented it?

Wishing- for non fattening chocolate and ginger nut biscuits

Helping- Mr B acquire his first car, he finally passed his driving test, 4 gos and aged 25!

Hearing- the steam trains on the North York Moors railway leaving the station

Enjoying- a morning of quiet deliberation

Waiting- for Sunday!!

If you would like to take stock and  leave a link please do so below. Original idea from Made by Patch

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Comments on: "Taking Stock- April" (5)

  1. I loved this post. There are several points that I could have listed as mine. Cleaning out the garage made me laugh! That’s been on my list for over a year. Well done on getting those good night’s sleep. This shows you must be feeling a little better.
    I came home from holiday recently determined not to become as overwhelmed by things as I was before I left. So hard when my head is mentally making lists of things I have to do (in my mind only). I need to get back to my blog but finding it hard to write that first post.
    I think I might just take stock……..

    • Garages- I’m still looking at it! I love your blog so I will watch for your garage progress! I make endless lists of things to do and some of them do get done, sometimes!! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh Cathy I loved reading about all your wants, wishes, buys, etc. etc. You made me smile! Have a great day. Hugs, Tamara

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