Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a Happy Easter, mine was well just wonderful.. lots of family fun..

Easter 2014 028

lovely flowers from the garden

Easter 2014 001

Master H learning to sew with Nana

Easter 2014 002

A day out at the seaside- Whitby

Easter 2014 004

Every baby needs a windmill from her Nana

Easter 2014 009

paddling… for the gulls

Easter 2014 013

pretty beach huts

Easter 2014 019

hunting for Easter eggs in the garden

Easter 2014 021

smiling at Daddy

Easter 2014 022

finding her first Easter egg

Easter 2014 040

and a day out to Nunnington Hall for some Easter Fun

Easter 2014 031

going on an Egg hunt

Easter 2014 033

petting some animals

Easter 2014 035

seeing the old toys

Easter 2014 036

wanting to play

Easter 2014 037

an egg and spoon race

Easter 2014 038

fun with the Daddys

Easter 2014 041

and a peacock at teatime.


Wonderful wonderful weekend… now back to the washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering and the weeds. Love to hear about your Easter.




Comments on: "Happy Easter!" (4)

  1. So good when you get to spend quality time with family.

    We had a very different Easter this year, I was going to write enjoyed not had but that would be far from accurate. We found a solitary carpet beetle and unsure whether it had blown in through the open window or had company we spent the whole four days going through every textile in the house. Thankfully I can report she was alone!

  2. Mine was church, Formula one (on the radio) and having my son to lunch.

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