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Sheriff Hutton.

Who? Not a who but a what,  it’s a village with a castle that I kept hearing about linked to Richard3rd and his wife Anne Neville. The castle was owned by the Neville family and Richard was placed in the Neville household as part of his training as a member of the Royal family. Sheriff Hutton is a village between Malton and York and I couldn’t figure out whether it was owned by English Heritage or the National Trust, nor when it was open to the public. Only one solution , go and see for myself. And there dominating the whole village it is, in a parlous state of ruin, even for an English castle, and in private hands. Not open for the public , fenced off to prevent public access but with a footpath all round it. So here it is, and for more information look here and here

phone 20.3.14 245

phone 20.3.14 251

phone 20.3.14 250

phone 20.3.14 248

phone 20.3.14 246

phone 20.3.14 256

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Comments on: "Sheriff Hutton." (10)

  1. Definitely not National Trust

  2. Old castles fascinate me!

  3. How very cool!

  4. Karen S. said:

    Very interesting!

  5. Looks like a fantastic place to explore!

  6. What magnificent old ruins of the castle. Awesome photos.
    Have a great day!

  7. thanks for linking in and sharing this crumbling but beautiful piece of history!

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