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Taking Stock- April

It’s about a month since I took stock, and a lot happened- Easter, niece and family visiting, Mr E back home, so time to take stock again.

Making- am knitting a lovely little something for Miss F but also well on with my next piece for the stitching project, which has made me so happy.

Cooking- am researching recipes for fig and apple crumble, does anyone have a good one.

Drinking- mango juice-WHY? Can’t walk past it in a supermarket without buying and then drinking it!

Reading- The Sea Wolf by Jack London- brilliant book, but also my latest copy of my local family history group magazine.

Wanting- my Dad to get over his chest infection, improve his mobility so he can go home

Looking- at the flippin’  bind weed which just keeps on coming up in the garden.

Playing- with lots of fabric and threads dreaming up new projects

Deciding- do we really want to move house

Wishing- the fog would lift and the sun come out before I go to work today

Liking-mango juice???

Pondering- should I retire next year?

Considering- the cross roads of life and the decisions we make- anyone seen the play Dangerous Corner?

Watching- the weeds grow, especially the bind weed

Hoping- for a lovely sunny evening on Sunday 4 May

Marveling- at the joy that children bring, so happy and joyful at the littlest things. Like this.

26.2.14 005

Master T loved this paper napkin at Easter. “A treasure map” he cried and “All I need is a hat, my wellie boots and a smelly sock!!!”

Needing- to have some time to think, so much doing and not enough thinking

Knowing- I need to make a pot of coffee right now.

Well that was nice..

Thinking- how do people juggle all the demands that others put on them- each one reasonable by itself but collectively unreasonable, how to say No, and what to say it to

Feeling- still on the overwhelmed side

Admiring- I think the person I most admired this month is the lady who has taken on the cause of the Hillsborough victims.

Sorting- oh please let me have strength and the will to sort out the garage- what is that rubbish??

Buying-mango juice

Getting- lots of good nights sleep- ten on the trot- it’s brilliant, you really can’t beat a good nights sleep

Bookmarking – Lola nova for the stitching project- do check her out

Disliking- I have 24 hour TV news on at work in the reception area I work in and I really dislike the way the journalists get so over excited by breaking bad news, it is so distasteful

Opening- can’t get my Dad to open his post whilst he’s in hospital and it is bothering me no end

Giggling- oh at the antics of grandchildren and great nieces, three year olds are the just the tops

Feeling- calmer these days but I find all these decisions very unsettling

Snacking- chocolate Easter eggs

Coveting- non fattening chocolate, why has no-one invented it?

Wishing- for non fattening chocolate and ginger nut biscuits

Helping- Mr B acquire his first car, he finally passed his driving test, 4 gos and aged 25!

Hearing- the steam trains on the North York Moors railway leaving the station

Enjoying- a morning of quiet deliberation

Waiting- for Sunday!!

If you would like to take stock and  leave a link please do so below. Original idea from Made by Patch

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Stitching Journal Project.

The Stitched Journal Project is: Makers from around the world creating one “page” or piece of work per month and sharing. It is a project to get the ideas flowing, to process the days in a creative way, to try new techniques and to push past fears that keep us from making something.  It isn’t about perfection, or getting it “just right,” it is about process and perspective.

I read this last month first on Knitsofacto and then by blog hop  to Lola. I couldn’t sleep that night- the participating blogs in the March project just triggered something in me which had remained dormant for too long, far far too long.

When I say couldn’t sleep I mean it. Fortunately Mr E was away on business and couldn’t object to the 3am rooting through my fabric and thread stashes.

And fortunately for me I knew just what project I would start with. A long put off embroidery of a poppy field which had been fermenting in my head for YEARS. For me this really felt like a re awakening, the realization that I could not should not put off creating in stitches the things that moved me with beauty, memories, joy. I had to get over whatever it was that had stopped me from just creating and had turned me into a reproducer of others’ ideas.

So I found the project , all ready with my inspiration source. I mean who doesn’t love a poppy field.

poppy 2 2014 005

And in this year which commemorates a 100 years since the start of the war to end all wars… what could be more appropriate. Most of us have a family member lost in war- in this case my grandmother’s most beloved youngest brother.

As this is a stitching journal I took photos at each stage to remind me how I set about this  project.

First I found the fabric I had prepared years ago- it is just a piece of old sheet and and some old net curtain, painted with ordinary water colour paint.

poppy project 9.4.14 001

I start with long and short stitch.

poppy project 9.4.14 014

A line across the top. I have marked out in stitches  an outline of where I will be going.

poppy project 9.4.14 015

A workshop I attended years ago came back to me.. don’t create rigid lines but bring your needle up to the side of the stitch. it creates a better effect.

poppy project 9.4.14 017

Here is the field of green complete. I used three greens DMC 702, 703 and 704- use three numbers that run like this to be in the same tonal range.

poppy project 9.4.14 018

Next to make a stone wall, I cut out of  thin cardboard the shapes of the stones.

poppy project 9.4.14 019

Cover them with fabric

poppy project 9.4.14 020

And attached them with small stitches.

Now to the poppies

poppy project 9.4.14 021

I experiment on a piece of spare fabric before settling on seeding stitches for distance then french knots for middle distance.

poppy project 9.4.14 022

Here they come

poppy project 9.4.14 023

But what for the foreground- ribbon embroidery for the poppies, with black french knots in the centre.

poppy 2 2014 003

And finally after all this time I have my poppy field. I can’t begin to tell you how happy it has made me to create something all by myself from scratch. I really feel I have got past the fears that stopped me from doing this, with the help of fellow stitching bloggers.

Will I be back next month- YOU BET.Do check out the other posts here





Happy Easter!

I hope you had a Happy Easter, mine was well just wonderful.. lots of family fun..

Easter 2014 028

lovely flowers from the garden

Easter 2014 001

Master H learning to sew with Nana

Easter 2014 002

A day out at the seaside- Whitby

Easter 2014 004

Every baby needs a windmill from her Nana

Easter 2014 009

paddling… for the gulls

Easter 2014 013

pretty beach huts

Easter 2014 019

hunting for Easter eggs in the garden

Easter 2014 021

smiling at Daddy

Easter 2014 022

finding her first Easter egg

Easter 2014 040

and a day out to Nunnington Hall for some Easter Fun

Easter 2014 031

going on an Egg hunt

Easter 2014 033

petting some animals

Easter 2014 035

seeing the old toys

Easter 2014 036

wanting to play

Easter 2014 037

an egg and spoon race

Easter 2014 038

fun with the Daddys

Easter 2014 041

and a peacock at teatime.


Wonderful wonderful weekend… now back to the washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering and the weeds. Love to hear about your Easter.



Yarn Along!

What sort of nitwit reads this in April?

poppy project 9.4.14 024

There is a reason, honest! Meantime I am on the second sleeve of the latest offering for little Miss F. Hopefully be finished in time for next week, when the family arrive for wonderful, glorious, fantastic, family Easter. can’t wait.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Where will blogging take you?

Do read this amazing post.


I have been blogging for just over two years now and I can say without any doubt at all, it has changed my life. It is no secret that when I started off I was determined to hide my true identity from the whole of social media. Plain and simply I was scared. It didn’t help that I had been a very shy teenager and young adult.


Gradually my confidence has grown. I have ‘met’ loads of amazing people that have inspired me, supported me and encouraged me. Most of them I have never met, nor will I, but that does nothing to lesson the part that they play in my life. I am eternally grateful.

During my time blogging I have tried to enable people to join the party with my tips for blogging. I really try to give something back. Gradually, my confidence increased and when I…

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InSpired Sunday

After the tour of Pickering churches I have moved onto the churches in the market town of Malton. Here is St Michael’s church.

churches 14.1.14 015

This one has a personal connection as all our school services- carol concerts etc- were held here.

churches 14.1.14 016

For some historical information look here

Linking in with Inspired Sunday

Sheriff Hutton.

Who? Not a who but a what,  it’s a village with a castle that I kept hearing about linked to Richard3rd and his wife Anne Neville. The castle was owned by the Neville family and Richard was placed in the Neville household as part of his training as a member of the Royal family. Sheriff Hutton is a village between Malton and York and I couldn’t figure out whether it was owned by English Heritage or the National Trust, nor when it was open to the public. Only one solution , go and see for myself. And there dominating the whole village it is, in a parlous state of ruin, even for an English castle, and in private hands. Not open for the public , fenced off to prevent public access but with a footpath all round it. So here it is, and for more information look here and here

phone 20.3.14 245

phone 20.3.14 251

phone 20.3.14 250

phone 20.3.14 248

phone 20.3.14 246

phone 20.3.14 256

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