Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

Fortunately before the drama of last week I had completed most of the top for Master H’s 6th birthday, and so I was able to give it to him at the weekend, ready for his big day tomorrow.

Here it is

19.3.14 006

And I just had to get some trousers to go with it.

19.3.14 007

Mr E watched me most carefully as I knitted this, then came a wistful ” I would love a jumper in that wool”! WHAT? Never ever in all the years we have been married ,and there are quite a few of them ,was there ever ,ever such a request. So come Christmas Mr E you just may be in luck.

And if that endorsement wasn’t enough apparently Mrs T’s sister in law has been coveting this which I made for little Miss F.

12.2.14 008

So I think I shall take that as a request too.

Anyway it is onto the next little garment for little Miss F for her Autumn apparel. Thought for once I should show the back…

19.3.14 008

which is what happens when I knit with three colours!

I had planned a more serious book after Joanne Trollop’s” the Daughter in law”,which was a good read,but I wasn’t up to that this week, so instead I have a John Grisham, you just can’t beat him for a court room drama. Perfect.

Do check out Small Things for some more good Yarn Alongs


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (6)

  1. Nothing better than when they ask for something so specific! Christmas, done!

    • Now I am just worried I won’t be able to get the wool. The sensible person would go now to the shop rather than risk not being able to get it again….

  2. Really lovely pullover. And high praise indeed from your OH!

  3. The hat is adorable!

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