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Not superwoman?

As a Daughter,Wife , Mum,  you become everything- cook,cleaner, nurse, teacher,playmate, friend ,lover, you know the score.You love your family dearly and you try to care for them.

Yesterday I realized that I am not superwoman. I am exhausted.

Worse than that in my effort to be everything for everyone I was denying  family members a role. Trying to spare people pain…

How could I keep my commitment to visit my son and grandson this weekend and be here for Dad…

It took my son J ” Mum we will come to you, he’s my Grandad remember and you need a hug…” Yes I do.

It took my stepbrother Mr B ” We will visit Dad tomorrow, how about that?”

It took my husband E ” You must look after yourself and save some energy for what comes next”

It also took dear friends the lovely comments you left me yesterday to finally reach me.. I am not superwoman.

I have wondered about the wisdom of saying these things here, but nearly two years ago I choose the tag line for my blog- Life and Thyme- that means not just the good, fun or easy times, but all the times.

Last night when I visited Dad he recognized me for the first time in 48 hours. He is still very very poorly but at least last night he was Dad again.

And strangely my Mum with whom I had not had a coherent conversation for some time has spoken to me each night at an appropriate time and has been supportive.

I am learning a lot.


Comments on: "Not superwoman?" (6)

  1. As a nurse, I’ve spent my whole professional life telling people to take of themselves. We are our own worst enemy a lot of the time.

    Much love

  2. It’s very important to take care of yourself at this difficult time, so don’t forget to take some me time, so you can recharge your batteries 🙂

  3. Much love sent your way, with a big hug! Tamara

  4. Sounds good! For me too the hardest lesson is learnign that we have to take care of ourselves too.

  5. Sending best wishes 🙂 xxx

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