Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

So after the mad dash to complete a birthday jumper for T (see yesterday’s post) it was straight onto a sleeveless jumper for Master H who has a birthday in March.

26.2.14 004

The yarn is by Sirdar and is called Crofter.

I have finished reading the book about the Dust bowl which was totally fascinating. I have since read two books in rapid succession – easy reads- one by Dick Francis loaned to me by my Dad. Called the Field of Thirteen, and containing thirteen short stories. I will be honest and admit that I have been putting off reading this, imagining boring tales of horsy people. Well all the stories were set around race tracks and the people who inhabit them, but the stories were quite well written and each had a nice twist at the end.In fact perfect reading when whiling away the hours in a hotel room which we did at the weekend on our location hunting trip.

After that I read a book I found up in the attic whilst de cluttering. It belonged to Mr J who read it at school and who had told me was a good book I would enjoy. By Anne Holm and called I am David,it tells  the story of a boy who escapes from a camp to travel to Denmark in the 1950’s. I especially liked that he choose his own God having heard conflicting accounts of God in the camp. He choose the God of green pastures and still waters.What a lovely image of God. I wonder did anyone read this as a child and what did you think? Also has any child recommended a book which you have enjoyed.

I finished that book last night so am now going to read this Joanna Trollope and then it will be a more serious book again.

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (7)

  1. I have some balls of Crofter I picked up cheaply. It looks really nice all knitted up, I might have to find a use for mine!


  2. I have always liked the look of the Crofter yarn.

    My daughter recommended that I read the five books of ‘The Dark Is Rising’ sequence which I had bought her when she was ten as a box set because they had links to King Arthur and were partly set in Wales. I loved them so much I bought copies. They are children’s book though but anyone who enjoyed Harry Potter could enjoy them. The film of the first book is rubbish though.

  3. Sounds like a really interesting book. I love “children’s” books. Mine are still too young to recommend books yet but I look forward to when they do!

  4. I read Tuck Everlasting after hearing about it from a twelve year old friend of my son and I am happy I did it was an excellent book 🙂

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