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A Pink Heart Fabric Wreath

Ever since I made a  Christmas raggy wreath I have wanted to make a Pink Heart shaped one.

All you need is a wire coat hanger- bent into either a heart or round shape.

A large quantity of fabric scraps in your chosen colour cut into one inch by six inch strips. You can use remnants or charity shop finds- I acquired a lot of scraps by begging for minute offcuts of fabrics from my dressmaking friends.

And time- around 4-  6 hours should do it. It’s an ideal craft to do whilst you are doing other things.. cooking, brewing tea, watching TV etc.

Start by cutting a piece of card 1 inch by 6 inches. The fastest way to cut the fabric I found was to cut a length of material 6 inches long, then to wrap the card inside the width of fabric and then cut down the long edge, thus..

29.1.14 001

That way you get a lot of pieces at once. There’s no need to be over fussy if the odd piece is too short or too narrow. or even a bit of the raggity side

This is the first pile I cut.

29.1.14 002

I needed to cut two more similar heaps, but don’t do too many at once, start tying and then cut more.

Then you simply knot each strip around the wire frame. Cut more pieces as you need them. Keep checking the overall effect. As I progressed it looked too pink to me, so out came my stash of silver fabric, which lifted the whole wreath. Keep tying till you can fit in no more.


2.2.14 002

Next you need to do something about the hook part.

2.2.14 004

Take a length of fabric, fold over the top and secure to the top of the hook, secure with a few stitches or fabric glue. I prefer to stitch in place.

2.2.14 008

At the end of this I cut the fabric strip in two and tied in place around the frame. Then I stitched it tightly.

2.2.14 005

Finally tie a couple of pieces to cover these stitches.

2.2.14 006

Nealry there now..

Have a good look, does it look finished or would you like to hang something in the middle. My original intention had been to hang a crochet heart like this here,  but when I looked at the wreath I think it would have been too much. So instead out came five silver Christmas baubles and here is the finished wreath.

2.2.14 009

with baubles..

2.2.14 010

Now to make Mr E a nice card and plan a suitable dinner…

Christmas version

projects 3 non 2012 010

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Comments on: "A Pink Heart Fabric Wreath" (22)

  1. Beautiful heart! It’s hard to believe it started life as a coathanger! Happy handmade Monday 🙂

  2. A lovely looking wreath and a great tutorial too. A good way to get more than just a month’s worth of use out of those Christmas baubles too 🙂

  3. Very striking! What intricate work. Can easily believe the time it took! You have the patient of a saint 😉

  4. patience … sorry !

  5. I’ve always meant to do a rag wreath – yours is beautiful – I think the silver baubles are the best choice as they add the sparkle. Hope you have a lovely valentines day!

  6. It’s a lovely wreath, somehow I am always put off due to the level of time involved!

  7. It looks lovely!

  8. So cute i love it ❤ x

  9. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

  10. Oh, how lovely. Unfortunately, anything so charming would be banned from my house. He dislikes Valentines Day even more than Christmas. Bah humbug!

  11. AWWW how cute! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

  12. This is very clever, do like the affect 😀

  13. That’s awesome. So simple to make up. I agree with the silver. It definitely lifts it. That’s going on my make list for next Christmas!

  14. It looks beautiful, thanks for sharing how to make it.

  15. Brilliant- are you planning to make one for every season?! x

  16. Love it! Do you do it all at one go or over a few days? I don’t sew so don’t have such a lovely stash of fabric but it is very charming. I agree about the ornaments as the right embelishment. I like that we both posted a coat hanger heart project on the same day and they are so different.

    • It took a few days, I cut the fabric into stripes in the evening and then tied it on when I could, selecting the silver fabric in daylight and then cutting that night.

  17. […] Here is another Coat Hanger Heart Wreath that is completely different from one of my readers and fellow WordPress bloggers, Nana […]

  18. Oh I love, a great use for some fabric scraps as well. Who knew wire hangers could look so good?

  19. It’s gorgeous xx

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