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The Power of Yarn Along!

I have been a fan of John Steinbeck for a great number of years. The first Steinbeck book I read was The Grapes of Wrath. It inspired us to travel route 66 a bit- see here and here.

I understood the impact of the Depression which caused the exodus to California in the 1930’s and knew that the Dust Bowl hadn’t helped, but I had not thought much about what caused it and the impact it had on people who stayed behind. Then along came Yarn Along and a recommendation.

There was only one thing for it…

21.1.14 010

I just needed to read it for myself. That’s the Power of Yarn Along!

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan is based on face to face interviews with people who were there. I have read the first four chapters which uses these personal stories to explain how the Dust Bowl was an environment disaster waiting to happen, from the greed of big business to the wholly understandable need for people to have a patch of earth to call their own, to be “their own Landlord”. If you have been thinking about reading this book, then I can recommend it- easily accessible and readable even at bedtime.

For my knitting I am well underway with my next little offering for Miss F. It is a bit disconcerting I find to knit the body of the cardigan in one piece, but it will save on the sewing up. I am now on the first sleeve.

Here’s the pattern which caused me so much grief last week.

21.1.14 011

And finally Drum roll….

Little Miss F wearing the Owl and the Flowers creation with brother T ( photo by Daddy T)

Florence and Theo Jan 14

And here comes the blow my own trumpet bit..

Text message from Mama T ” I took F out in her new cardy and hat today. Everyone I saw mentioned how adorable she looked ( well that was a given I’d have thought) . One lady said ” Her Nana made it ? You’d pay a fortune for something like that from M&S”!

Well knock me down with a feather…

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Comments on: "The Power of Yarn Along!" (8)

  1. I’m veru intrigued by this book, must nip to the library and give it a go. The item you knitted is quite amazing!! You WOULD pay a lot in m&s for that so go ahead and play a trumpet concerto, its beautiful and the praise well deserved! X

  2. I am not at all surprised with the comment although I hope that you put her right with who made it? Liking the look of the new project too. x

  3. Love the comment about the baby sweater. Doesn’t that make you feel good when your handknits are mistaken for store bought?

    My first experience with John Steinbeck was reading The Red Pony in the eighth grade. I also went on to read Of Mice and Men and absolutely loved it.

  4. I would say your cardy is far superior to M & S. More John Lewis πŸ˜‰

  5. Adorable! That sounds like a really interesting book.

  6. This book is actually sitting in my stack of TBR books as we speak (type?). I loved The Grapes of Wrath and when I heard about this title I thought it would be a great nonfiction companion. However, I can tell you that I WON”T be knitting as I read it! πŸ™‚

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