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Inspired Sunday!

The brief for Inspired Sunday is a picture of a building where religious services are held. My contribution today is a building where religious services were held, but are no longer.Today I have a Chapel conversion

churches 14.1.14 010

This was originally built as the Wesleyan Methodist chapel following the Methodist split from the Church of England. As a child in the late 50s I attended the primary school closest to home which was the Wesleyan methodist school. It is now a working mans club. I usually went home for lunch but occasionally had to stay for the dreaded school (inedible ) dinner. We would process from school to this chapel where lunch would be served up to us seated at big long tables. Christmas school parties were also held here, and I rather think we did Country dancing sometimes.

My only other memory of this building was as a Girl Guide helping out at a jumble sale. I had never experienced anything quite like the charge of grasping females through the door , bags in hand , which they proceeded to stuff with as many disgusting items of clothing as they could for 1d per time…old  money, the equivalent is 1/2 of our 1p today. As I was on a stall with knickers and bras I can say disgusting…

For more information on Pickering Methodist go here

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Comments on: "Inspired Sunday!" (4)

  1. gorgeous stone work. that is amazing!! ( :

  2. What a lovely old building, nice to know it is still serving the community even if not as a church.

  3. I used to go to local Primitive Methodists as a kid but at 12 or 13 I rebelled and went to the Wesleyans instead – the old Prim is now a car showroom I believe.

  4. I’ve seen so many chapels sold off and converted to a house or a night club in one instance but the worst was a junk shop in Builth Wells I think it was supposed to be an antique or second had shop but the place looked like Steptoes yard

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