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Yarn Along!

Sometimes I wonder if I start too many things at once, and usually I know the answer is YES. I have been working on four things this last week which has left no time for writing, although I have read my favourite blogs all week. And of course my current book.

29.1.14 006

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan. ( An account of the Dust Bowl in the 30’s) . Now starting chapter 11, the dusters have started and I am finding myself surprisingly emotional as the account is told through the memories of people who were children in the 30s, and to see their folks dreams literally vanishing is heart breaking. A fascinating book and a salutary lesson to all.

I have started some new knitting- this time for Brother T, formerly known as Master T, somehow his name has changed in my mind, since little Miss F came on the scene.. I digress. The colour in the picture is rubbish, the yarn is navy and the stripe sort of dull gold.

I have finished my latest offering for Little Miss F- the one that caused me aggro two weeks ago. Here she is.

29.1.14 004

And the buttons in close up for all us button fans.

29.1.14 005

The pattern is Sirdar 1438 and the wool is Sirdar Crofter shade 148.

I have two places where I like to buy my wool. This yarn came from Knitwell Wool, and if you get in quick they still have their January Sale on.

Yes I succumbed and bought more wool, no I didn’t NEED it, but……

Can a NANA have too much wool?

Of course not…

Joining in with Ginny for Yarn Along.


The Power of Yarn Along!

I have been a fan of John Steinbeck for a great number of years. The first Steinbeck book I read was The Grapes of Wrath. It inspired us to travel route 66 a bit- see here and here.

I understood the impact of the Depression which caused the exodus to California in the 1930’s and knew that the Dust Bowl hadn’t helped, but I had not thought much about what caused it and the impact it had on people who stayed behind. Then along came Yarn Along and a recommendation.

There was only one thing for it…

21.1.14 010

I just needed to read it for myself. That’s the Power of Yarn Along!

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan is based on face to face interviews with people who were there. I have read the first four chapters which uses these personal stories to explain how the Dust Bowl was an environment disaster waiting to happen, from the greed of big business to the wholly understandable need for people to have a patch of earth to call their own, to be “their own Landlord”. If you have been thinking about reading this book, then I can recommend it- easily accessible and readable even at bedtime.

For my knitting I am well underway with my next little offering for Miss F. It is a bit disconcerting I find to knit the body of the cardigan in one piece, but it will save on the sewing up. I am now on the first sleeve.

Here’s the pattern which caused me so much grief last week.

21.1.14 011

And finally Drum roll….

Little Miss F wearing the Owl and the Flowers creation with brother T ( photo by Daddy T)

Florence and Theo Jan 14

And here comes the blow my own trumpet bit..

Text message from Mama T ” I took F out in her new cardy and hat today. Everyone I saw mentioned how adorable she looked ( well that was a given I’d have thought) . One lady said ” Her Nana made it ? You’d pay a fortune for something like that from M&S”!

Well knock me down with a feather…

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Decoupage Boxes.

I love pretty boxes, so I decided to try my hand at making a decoupage box. I got a kit…first construct your box. Disaster! The glue complexly distorted the box even though I followed the instructions to the letter,held the whole thing together with pegs, etc etc. Into the bin it went.

Then I found some of those treasures all Mums keep from their children’s childhood- drawings, cards, curls etc in a battered old shoe box. I needed something better for the treasures. Into action went Plan B.  I found a suitable box in my local craft shop- strong card, just the job for decoupage. Remembering the previous effort I also bought two smaller ones to experiment on.

First I painted the two small boxes with acyclic paint, one pink and one green.The I found a pretty picture for the top. The result was pleasing. So far ,so good…

I attempted the large box- painted the box with blue and the lid white. The lid took 4 coats of white paint!!  The lid is now on the very tight side. Then I wasn’t sure how to decorate it and opted for some football wrapping paper. Not too certain about the finished result.

I love the small boxes but the large one might have been better made of wood.

Anyway have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think

19.1.14 021

19.1.14 022

19.1.14 02319.1.14 024

19.1.14 025

19.1.14 02619.1.14 027

Now here are some wooden boxes which I think I might use..here

Better for the big one do you think..

Look what this lady did here

Stunning hey?

Joining with Handmade Monday

Inspired Sunday!

The brief for Inspired Sunday is a picture of a building where religious services are held. My contribution today is a building where religious services were held, but are no longer.Today I have a Chapel conversion

churches 14.1.14 010

This was originally built as the Wesleyan Methodist chapel following the Methodist split from the Church of England. As a child in the late 50s I attended the primary school closest to home which was the Wesleyan methodist school. It is now a working mans club. I usually went home for lunch but occasionally had to stay for the dreaded school (inedible ) dinner. We would process from school to this chapel where lunch would be served up to us seated at big long tables. Christmas school parties were also held here, and I rather think we did Country dancing sometimes.

My only other memory of this building was as a Girl Guide helping out at a jumble sale. I had never experienced anything quite like the charge of grasping females through the door , bags in hand , which they proceeded to stuff with as many disgusting items of clothing as they could for 1d per time…old  money, the equivalent is 1/2 of our 1p today. As I was on a stall with knickers and bras I can say disgusting…

For more information on Pickering Methodist go here

For more on the Kirk Theatre see here

And for more Inspiration on Sunday look here

Skywatch Friday

I just love to look at the sky, the way the light changes all the time, and when I came across Skywatch Friday, full of amazing sky pictures from across the world I just couldn’t resist joining in. So here are my very first pictures for Skywatch Friday, taken just under a week ago at 8am, from my garden in Pickering North Yorkshire, England.

churches 14.1.14 001

churches 14.1.14 003

Linking in with Skywatch Friday

Yarn Along!

I decided to be a bit more ambitious with my knitting. HUMPH! I quickly remembered why I hated patterns with Yfwds, sl1 and psso. I can’t concentrate on the pattern and watch TV at the same time. Moreover the pattern I choose has the back and fronts in one piece, so I started with 108 stitches. EEEK! It’s all my fault that I had to re do the first three rows three times and have unpicked subsequent rows twice, and you can see how far I have got. Not exactly a lot, and not exactly complicated.

Take a look.

15.1.14 002

Moreover the yarn, which was the one shown on the pattern, doesn’t exactly show the pattern much at all. The good part is the pattern bit is over, finished, finito, complete, stocking stitch all the way from now on.

I bow my head in reverence to all the knitters who make gorgeous flimsy and complicated shawls. You are the Masters.

15.1.14 001

Turning swiftly the reading part of a yarn along, I have started The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory which tells the story of Jacquetta, who became the mother of a Queen, Grandmother of another Queen, Great Grandmother of Henry8th and so Great great grandmother of Elizabeth 1st. It is first and foremost a novel as there is little written historically about Lady Rivers. However Jacquetta was tried as a witch and there is a sub plot around strong women with knowledge of herbs and medicine, wise women who are accused of witch craft. Most interesting is that Jacquetta appears to have witnessed the tribulations and burning of Joan of Arc, somehow I had not connected up the Henry’s in my mind to realise the timescale of the Plantagenet’s. If you like historical novels this one is well written and I would recommend it.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along.

The Owl and Flowers!

Here’s the Owl and flowers…

churches 14.1.14 018

Not much time for crafting last week as we had a big de -cluttering session chez Nana’s. Have just returned from the recycling centre having finally parted sons and Mr E from ancient computers and hi-fi equipment. Result!!

But there was time for a little knitting every night. Here’s what the Owl and flowers adorn.

churches 14.1.14 017

Another offering for the delightful little Miss F. The yarn is Sirdar Crofter ” Angus” and the  pattern number is Sirdar 1391.

Do check out Frontier Dreams for some more gorgeous projects.

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