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InSpirational Sunday

I couldn’t help but wonder what was the purpose of a Church Spire? One school of thought suggests that a spire points the way to heaven. A more prosaic explanation is that spires were added to church towers because the builders could build it, and the congregation could pay for one. So, once one church had a spire the neighbouring towns and villages wanted one too.

My thought is that a spire can be seen wherever you are in the parish and so are reminded of God throughout your day.

But is this true? I set about a walk into town from every direction to photo the Spire of my church St Peter and St Paul, Pickering, UK

It came as a bit of a surprise to me to realise that you can’t always see what you expect to see, and sometimes the nearer you get the harder it gets to see something as buildings get in the way. And what you can see on one side of the road you can’t see on the other, and sometimes you have to walk quite a way away before you see anything. It was a fascinating experience and I haven’t yet walked all the ways into town. But here are the first set of pictures.

Starting from our bedroom window, here is the first glimpse

7.12.13 001

and the first decent view into town from home

tree,fence,church7.11.13 014

tucked between the Memorial hall and some converted flats.

Coming around the Memorial Hall onto the bridge

21.11.13 001

there it is again.

From the top of the hill to the north

16.11.13 015

much closer but barely visible-you may need to click on this picture to even see it.

Coming from the East

13.11.13 006

here is the Spire over the trees.

Crossing the road to Whitby you have to come much closer

13.11.13 007

walking along the side of the old Vicarage.  Finally into the church yard

13.11.13 008

for a decent view near my ancestors tomb.

Approaching from the south east, I found I had to walk a lot further than I thought

14.11.13 001

what spire? Here it is in a close up

14.11.13 002

Coming in from the south I had to come right into town for this

14.11.13 012

Now the Spire can be seen from further away from the south- I have yet to walk that route for these pictures. I’ve got a few more routes out of town to take.

It surprised me that the view from the biggest hill was hopeless, so hopeless I won’t show those shots. I’ll leave you with my favourite view.

13.11.13 009

Too much road in the picture- getting a decent shot is a project for 2014!

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Comments on: "InSpirational Sunday" (4)

  1. i love getting the chance to see around the whole area … i enjoyed how you did this post. so fun!! ( :

  2. The spire reminds me of St Peters in Wallingford

  3. What a lovely idea for a post. Really interesting and it has got me thinking….

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