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Just a little bit of sewing.

I recorded both the Great British Sewing Bee and Kirsty’s Christmas to watch “sans” Mr E who isn’t into sewing and crafts, and thought wouldn’t it be nice to do a bit of sewing whilst I watched.

I had everything I needed to make the customised baby blanket from

reading-dec13 012

this lovely book. And here is

reading-dec13 011

this little rabbit. I used a fleece bought from ASDA-I noticed that Sainsbury’s make one too. The book used a blanket with a fringe and said to make the tail from one strand of the fringe. Not only didn’t I have a fringe , the book then warns that this should not be given to child under three as the wool fringe and tail present a choking hazard. So a baby blanket not for a baby. I made the tail from a circle of white felt tightly gathered and the stuffing very well secured and sewn down.

Mr E said it looked very professional! Gosh!!

It was so nice to watch both these programmes in peace and quiet whilst I hand stitched this. I do love hand sewing so much. As for the programmes, nice to watch but I won’t be making anything shown- I think the blogs I read are so much more inspirational.

And here’s the blanket with Mopsy Rabbit- both of course for the delectable little Miss F.reading-dec13 013

PS both are turquoise but my camera seems incapable of taking this colour- or maybe it’s cos I am not very good at photography!!!!!




Comments on: "Just a little bit of sewing." (4)

  1. Lovely blanket and rabbit. I find blue is a particularly erratic colour to photograph.

  2. They’re both adorable! I have a lot of trouble getting colors to come out right in my pictures too.

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